week 1 down...

Week 1 has been pretty successful, I think. I had 4 new patients, and today I have 1 scheduled.  I think it's pretty good considering this was kind of a soft opening, due to the fact that we are leaving for the Eastern championships on Tuesday night, after I close.   I haven't been riding Maggie this week, I've had too much to do...
I'm listening to 57 chevy radio :) Elvis was just on.
I've got my corvette parked outside, underneath the sign that says "we are now accepting patients". I figure that will draw some attention... and It has.
We got us a "new" Tractor last night.. it's a early 1940s model Ford. It runs really well, and all it really needs is some fixin' up and some paint and she'll run like a gem. I got my electronic medical records system up and working pretty good :) I start training on that on the 13th.. My x-ray machine is here, almost installed completely.. :) I was really excited about that.. then I got to thinking.. wow you are a geek. hahah..
Well, that is about it... I will get going now.


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