World Championships here we come!

Well, I made out like a bandit at the Easterns :) I won! I won! I won! I won the Double Downs :)
I won a new EMF Pistol and almost 2 grand..
I don't have any pictures from it.. but, I will soon!!
When I was going into the arena.. on the Double Down Stage, I was shaking.. and I was sooooo nervous... Maggie was dancing around.. and we got in there.. and the light turned green... I was thinking... holy crap.. it's either hero or zero right now.. a friend yelled AAAAAATACK from the stands...and man we took off.. and I was waiting on the first balloon to come... and I shot it.. and the next one.. then the three fast ones.. and I screamed OH MY GOD MAGGIE GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! and we turned the barrel.. and As soon as I shot the last balloon I just started screaming... and I went back out of the arena to the waiting area... and sat there and watched 3 more women run.... and as soon as the last one went.... I still had the time to beat... I was screaming and jumping up and down on Maggie... I was so proud of my mare.. and my shooting skills.. hahah.... Now we are going to the world championships in Amarillo Texas :) I can't wait..

We also bought a horse while we were there..  She is a 9 year old grade mare...  We saw her while we were walking in to the horse sale.  and She looked built like a rock.  and she's pretty.  So we get a buyer number and we get to watching the horses go through.. and finally here she comes...  the guy is telling everyone about her over the intercom.. and then he says, she's real gentle blah blah blah and engages the course... she just got to bucking and bucking.. and he was apologizing about her.. well she didn't sell..
and after the sale was over.. I found the guy that owned her and bought her REAL cheap :)

Then the next day I got her out of the stall and took her out to the outside warm up arena.. and jumped on her bareback with just her halter...
she's right as rain... no bucking no nothing.. I think she was just scared that night in that big arena with all the noise and bells and whistles...  I like her.. she doesn't have a name yet... but, I'm going to saddle her up and try her out soon.
then give her a name.. I'm thinking maybe Sioux... she reminds me of the horse from Dances with wolves...
I hope she's got some speed to her.. I need a backup horse...
And, I was given the most beautiful necklace.. I was so honored when my friends mother gave it to me.
I saw her and she was wearing it, and she was explaining the history of it to me,  It comes from Montana, and that is the state flower in the middle.. and It has turquoise and a bear claw on it.  She bought it at an Indian reservation right next to the battlefield of Custer's last stand.. the battle of little bighorn. and it is supposed to symbolize the unity of the different Native American tribes in Montana.
I was completely shocked... It's so beautiful.. I was wearing this when I won the double downs :)
All in all I had a great week!


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