Monday, October 31, 2011


This weekend, we went to a Halloween Trail ride... I didn't even place..but, whatever.. I had a good time getting all dressed up..  I put Maggie in a English Saddle, and Set her loose.. she did good..
I really miss riding english..

My Cowboy dressed up as himself... Look close you might not recognize him :)

We had a good time riding, then on the way home, we all stopped at this graveyard, and got out and took some pictures of me next to gravestones.. very creepy.. but the pictures came out super awesome..

See the Zombie in the background?  That was our friends Ron and Nina, they dressed up as Calvary Officers. Kinda fit in the old cemetery since it dates back to the early 1800s.
And This is not the "zombie graveyard"  that is down the street closer to our ranch..
We got back and Nina and I went to the market, and got a pork tenderloin.. so we roasted that and had a big dinner, then hung out in our milking bar-n listening to music and playing cribbage..
Sunday, we woke up and went to church... then came back home and I started on some laundry, and went out to gather up the horses to wait for the Farrier...... 1:30 rolls around, when he was supposed to be here.. and what happened?  that's right.. he stood us up.. so we had to do our own horses feet...
It's not that we don't know how.. it's just a tedious job... but, we got that through and fired him...
later... I made us one of my infamous Apple Caramel Peanut brittle pies...

There she is in the oven.. almost done... we ate supper.. then started watching the cowboys game and then started devouring this pie..  My Cowboy said "this is the best apple pie I've ever had".. then i started laughing and told him I'd been holding out on him..
Tomorrow we are celebrating my ma-in-laws birthday, and I'm going home tonight to make another one of these pies... :)
I went CVS-ing today..  I managed to get my hands on the newspaper and i got to clipping some coupons..

I walked out of there with a 10 dollar american express card and 5 dollars in rewards :)
and saved 63.00 on everything I bought.. I was pretty proud of that..
now tomorrow I'll go back and get my contact solution for free! LOL

I've got to talk the newspaper delivery people into delivering the paper.. sometimes on Sunday I don't want to go to town to get it... But they said I live to far out of town.. oh well.. I have fun with coupons when I can :)
I believe that is all for now..

Monday, October 24, 2011

The road that leads to Walhalla

We set off to Walhalla, SC to go to Chattooga county which is actually part of Sumter national Forrest where we live... We left with Maggie Mae and Sioux. and rode about 30 miles up and down the mountain and across all the fords that they have crossings at.

We had a great time..
We cooked breakfast and supper on the campfire.. and packed lunches.

You can barely see the mountains through the trees, but this was on top of Rocky Gap.

Earl's Ford
 This is the first crossing that you come to, This is Where you cross into Georgia from South Carolina

My Cowboy propping up after Lunch

Getting the horses ready to head out.

Sioux's first time at a big river

Sioux and Maggie Drinking

My Cowboy and Sioux, Maggie and I

My mares and I after Lunch

A few years back, this is where we fell in love.

Maggie and I hanging out in Adline Ford

Sweet Potatoes Smoldering in the camp fire...


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weekend in the Mountain

This weeked it will be My Girl Sioux and Myself, With my cowboy and quite a few of our friends heading out to the mountains to go camping. I'm so excited.
Low country boil Friday night.. and then Steaks and Sweet Potatoes on Saturday after a day of Trail Riding through the mountains :)

So last night we were watching some tv.. and we hear a *squeak squeak* and I'm thinking "oh no another mouse..." well Maya jumps up and takes off.. she rooted around chasing this mouse for like 15 minutes.. and comes back.. she's got the darn mouse in her mouth...
ugh..  well that one went down the toilet as well :)

I'm meeting my friend Rene' at the grocery store tonight and we are gonna shop for the weekend :)

I'm having a record week.  Patients are flowing like water.. and I'm so pleased :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Weekend

Friday After work, My Friend Nina and I went down to Columbia to spend some of our hard earned Monies... :) I was after vinyl from the fabric store to make Maggie's Halloween costume... well we found ourselves at the mall, buying some perfume and cosmetics..  then to the fabric store... and our husbands (who work together) were at the state fair, and if you are wondering why they were at the state fair... they were at the livestock barn, My cowboys company was sponsoring the feed for the animals and all.. but we think they were there eating funnel cakes and polish sausages...
They Called when they were done, and said they were going to be at Ruby Tuesdays.  So when we were done, we went in and sat a few seats away from them at the bar.
Well, we ordered a beverage, after all that shopping we were parched.. And my cowboy says.. "well Hey, where are y'all from".  I said "we're only in town for the fair".  and that went on until we got up and sat next to them, and the bartender lady was like OMG they picked those girls up.. ahahha so we left with them and went to pearlz.  it's a great little oyster bar in Columbia, we ate oysters until our hearts content, and then had a great Idea to go ride the rides at the fair.
We got there.. and Boy we had fun, rode the ferris wheel, the gravitron, klondike, carosel (yeah I love that stupid little ride) and everything else we could get on.  I had already had my fill of fair food in Virginia, so I just got a Caramel Apple and called it a night, Ron and Nina got themselves a Funnel cake and Nina got some apples to go.  My cowboy got Cotton Candy... we were all quiet leaving, since we were all devouring  our fair goodies.
Saturday Morning, My cowboy had to work.. they were repairing some metal thingy on the roof.. and they needed a crane to fix it.

Well I mozied on over to Fred's to buy some cleaning supplies. like a new mop and some pine sol...
Got home, and I did a Fall cleaning spree in my house.  And When Clint got home, we went trail riding, before supper... we got there late afternoon, and the particular trail we were going on was like a 3-4 hour ride, unless you loped a bit through there.. and I'm trying to get some air in Sioux's Lungs, so we loped a bit.. And we came to the intersection, where you usually veer off to go the short route back... and it was gone.. They had been logging in the woods.. and apparently they took the trees that marked the trails.. Well.... It was either ride back 3 hours... and be in the dark with the glow of the moonlight... or figure something out..
We looked back at the map for a bit... and i pulled out my GPS and I said.. I got this.. So we got back to the creek bed, and I'm yelling run fast "I hear Banjos!!!!" but we followed the creek bed for a while then went back up and blazed our own trail for about 45 minutes and we found our way back to the Brick House and our trailer... Crisis averted :) Sioux is a very good horse. I'm very impressed with her.. She even walked over a wooden bridge.
After we got the horses situated on the trailer, decided to go to the little chinese place in whitmire.... But before we got there.. we passed this house that had a Marine Corps Flag flying, a nice little fire going and a few guys on the front porch...  My Cowboy said.. That's where my friend lives... So we pull over to say hi.  He met this guy at an American Legion Meeting.  Well the guy wasn't there, But the two guys that were there were devil dogs.. so we sat down and spoke with them for a while.. then more started showing up.. and before I knew it.. There were like 10 or 12 Marines all around here.  This was their Hunting camp. We had a blast, talking joking, they were all telling stories.. and We got Invited to the Marine Corps Ball in Beaufort.  Beaufort is right down there next to Parris Island, So I'm thinking we are going to go to that Ball instead of the other one we were thinking about. I am glad we stopped, we had a great time.  I even got to eat Elk Bratwurst.  It was awesome!
We left the campfire around 11 (poor horses) and got back home shortly thereafter.
Sunday morning I woke up and I had the Cooking FEVER.
I made Applesauce, Apple Raisin Marmalade, Pumpkin Soup, Pumpkin Fudge and For Supper we ate Cornish Game Hens :) Now The apple sauce... You sure do use a lot of apples for not that much sauce...
but holy crap.. that stuff was so much better than the stuff you buy in the store.. and It wasn't so loaded down with sugar because apples are naturally sweet...  i never made applesauce before and I will definitely be making it again... that is for sure..
Oh and I made some cinnamon apple chips in the dehydrator.
My Cowboy Cleaned and oiled all of our guns, So they are all ready for us to go hunting this week. And after supper we sat down and watched a movie, then hit the sack to be ready bright and early for work...
Well.. I am at work... He is at the cow sale.. and I'm completely Jealous.. :(
But, I've had a packed Morning and I'm thankful for that :)
Apple Raisin Marmalade

Cooking the Apples down to make Apple Sauce

Pumpkin Soup

Making Apple Sauce

Pumpkin Fudge

My Day's Work

Cornish Game Hens

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dentist..... not so bad!

So last night.. I figured since I was going to have my wisdom tooth yanked out of my maxillary bone.. that I would not be able to eat supper tonight.. so last night, I prepared Meatloaf and a baked sweet potato with corn and deviled eggs....
Now this was good.. REALLY good :)
This morning we had more chocolate chip cookies and milk for breakfast.. haha.. then before I went to the appointment my cowboy decided I shouldn't go there on an empty stomach.. so we went to a favorite little hole in wall "Summer's"  I had a hamburger steak with cole slaw and a salad... he had fried steak fingers..
then I show up for the dentist.. fill out my paperwork..
get sat down in the reclining dental chair...
The Nurse took an x-ray of my tooth...
Asked me a few questions, and then the doctor came in..
He was a really nice guy.. He said "hmm I don't know you"  I said.. "I'm new" and smiled.. so he pulled up a chair, rolled up next to me and leaned back and said "tell me about yourself". So I said "well I've had a tooth ache for a bit..." He cut me off and said "Not about teeth, tell me about you"
So alright, now I'm smelling what he's cooking.. I said "I'm from Georgia, I moved here early last year.. blah blah"  in short, I explained I married my husband and he's got a local business here etc.  So he got all my information, told me he had two daughters 28 and 31 and he loved horses.
Nice fella... So then he got to looking around my teeth.. and he said "you have nice teeth" I said "thanks, I've never had braces" he said "I know".  He said that there wasn't enough of the tooth to pull out yet.. and it would have to be oral surgery.  I made a funny face and he said "don't want surgery"  I said "I'd rather just get some Novocaine and  have you yank that sucker out.." he smiled and said "alright we will wait".  But he assured me that if I was in bad pain to come back.. I explained how it hasn't hurt in about a week, but it had hurt the 3 weeks prior.  and he explained that when it breaks the skin is when it's the worst. and I agreed with him on that..  The staff got some business cards of mine and only charged me for the x-ray :) Professional discount! alllllright!
So I'm back at work :)
Now, Last night After I got home, I quickly let the dogs out and got to making up the meatloaf..
I got that in the oven and My cowboy got home from work, and we went out to check on the cows, One of our Herefords was due in the next few weeks to have a baby!!!!
We get on the four wheeler and head out to the back.. and she wasn't with the herd.. sooooo we went looking for her.. and what do we see up on the hill.. her laying down.. my cowboy is like "ooh maybe she's having it"  so we drive a bit closer and I spotted something with a white face behind her.. and I was like "OOOOH SHE"S GOT A BABY!!!!!!"
and here she is:

How precious is that baby I ask you?  Her Momma is HUGE and she's so tiny.. I hope she gets to be huge like her Momma!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It has been raining here since Monday..
I woke up yesterday morning and was thinking since it's opening day of rifle season, I might go.. they I found out it was raining.. so as one of my friends said "That doesn't sound like a real hunter to me, sounds more like a girly-girl. "Ew, I don't want to get wet."  yeah that was me :P but there are plenty of more days of nicer weather to kill me a deer.
But, yesterday on my lunch break, I Finally got to the market and picked out two pumpkins.  The old fella that works there asked me why I was buying two and not just one.  I said, well My husband loves the seeds, so after thanksgiving I dry the seeds and roast them with Cajun spices for him, and then I make pasta out of the meat of the pumpkin, So the whole thing really doesn't go to waste..  then he hit me up for the pumpkin seed recipe.. 
For supper we had hamburger steak, corn and deviled eggs... then after supper my cowboy had the GREATEST idea ever...
He wanted cookies!  I thought that to be a fantastic idea, so I proceeded to make Chocolate chip cookies..  then on a full belly we both went to sleep...  and then I woke up in the middle of the night, to what I though was a earthquake.. but, no.. Vegas was stuck under the bed and crying trying to get out.. so I get up, turn the lamp on.. then get my glasses and start pulling him out... well while i'm doing that.. he starts peeing all over the place... I'll be so happy when he's not a puppy anymore... *sigh* that being said.. I yanked him out from underneath the bed, and ran him to the kitchen to get him out of the door.. and apparently I wasn't as swift as I thought I was.. because he pee'd a trail from the bedroom through the living room into the kitchen and around the dining table out the door..... I think I was too tired to be mad.. I got my cleaner and went to work.... I looked up at the clock.. and it was 1:25am.... seriously? yeah... I let the dogs back in... then crawled back in bed and started reading my book... HOURS and chapters later.. I went back to sleep.... then woke up to the Alarm clock screaming at me to get up... I'm dragging.. and I'm on my second cup of coffee...
Well Since I was late.. I was thinking about breakfast... well my cowboy ate cookies, he didn't want his usual eggs... so I decided to try this microwavable egg omelet thingy...*gag*  well I didn't know how long to put the eggs in there.. so I decided 3 minutes might do the trick... YUCK.. they were like rubber.. I wound up giving them to the dogs and then ate cookies for breakfast myself :)

This weekend, I am making apple sauce and then apple butter.. and maybe Sunday I'll make some pumpkin fudge.  I've got to get my wisdom tooth pulled out tomorrow at 1:30......  :(
I'll let y'all know how that goes.. it's the last one.. and its not hurting at the moment.. but it was hurting bad last week...
That's about all that is new around here...

Monday, October 10, 2011


Ok, so I have decided what I want to be for Halloween... Countess Elizabeth Bathory.. The blood countess of Hungary... What I'm thinking is making a Barding (suit of armour) for Maggie, and She will be my war horse!
I have already bought 400 pyramid silver studs to line the "armour".  I also called down to hancock fabrics and they have vinyl, I'm thinking grey or black vinyl for the Armour....  I gotta get outside and measure her, then see what kind of attachments my english saddle has... I'm also making her a Chamfrom so she has a warrior headpiece!! This is going to be awesome :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

the blessings of animals

I didn't eat this.. but I killed it a few years ago :)
I was poking around on our local newspaper, and came across this article.
This fella is right about how we used to view animals and how we view them now. But it reminded me of us farmgirls, we have cows and we have chickens.
I didn't realize how lucky I was to have hens laying eggs for me, until we were rodeoing one weekend and I forgot to bring eggs and we went to the closest store and bought eggs.. they REALLY were not the same..
Same thing with milk.. Milk out of the jug isn't the same as our raw milk. Or eating a cow you raised, you know everything that went into making that cow grow. Even venison, I appreciate that more because I had to hunt for it.
I will have to say my dogs have no purpose on my farm they couldn't herd our cows if they tried haha. The only thing my dogs do with the cows is sample the variety of cow pies in the pasture.. haha.. I tried and tried to get them to stop, but they just won't!

here is the article :)

"The Blessing of Animals is important"
To the Editor:

"Today we see tractors and dairy barns around us. A few people do the farming for everyone. But 40 or 50 years ago, it was different. Every family had a milk cow and chickens and turkeys — and they had stock dogs and a barnyard cat — sometimes even sheep. These animals were important to the family well-being. They were the foundation of a family’s economy.

Animals were partners with people back then and every family knew of the mutual dependency that existed between themselves and the animals that supplied their tables.

I wonder what place a “Blessing of Animals” had in those days. People gathered to bless the harvest, new houses as they moved in; they said something about the importance of stewardship on one hand and the importance of faithful, loving relationships on the other. I believe a blessing of animals would have been a special and sacred occasion also. They depended so greatly upon animals.

Times have changed. In the main most of us have animals today as pets. Their place and functions are different for us. They are not partners with us in survival in the same way they used to be. They don’t provide us with the necessary goods to live.

But all of society has changed. The numbers of deep relationships aren’t as many now as they used to be and many are shallow and short-lived. People move more often. They live alone. And there is loneliness even when people live with others.

We are tense and anxious, overjoyed, moody and sad. So often our pets become God’s gift to us in these certain moments and, during these emotional times, God’s gift when our lives must be lived under conditions we cannot immediately change.

A blessing of animals today might be slightly different from the reasons given years ago but it is true our animals still take care of us. They provide types of care that are especially important. And of course, we have a responsibility to them. We are to care for them.

We care, the animals care and we come to sense God’s care. As our animals are blessed, we begin a process that will help some of us receive and feel a particular blessing from the hand of God."

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Autumn Mornings..

This morning I let the dogs out as usual, and Maya was back at the door about as quick as I got back to the bedroom.
so I walked on back to the kitchen and let her back in...  I get into the bathroom and start getting dressed and when I came out of the bathroom.. who was hiding on my bed... little Papaya..
I usually sneak her a piece of cheese every morning while I'm cooking breakfast.. I try to hide it from Vegas, He's still very much a puppy so he's usually having Puppy ADD somewhere else in the house :)
Instead of the usual cheese, I accidentally dropped a piece of bacon that I was done frying..
We had a darn good breakfast this morning.. Coffee, Bacon, Cheesy Egg omelets :)
Anyways, I love these cool mornings, While my cowboy went out to feed the horses I swept off the porch and the walkway to the house.. I was thinking about how I can't wait to see the leaves starting to fall and change...
We are going camping with the horses, way up in the Oconee woods.. it should be prime leaf turning time.. I'm excited. I love camping with the horses and I love trail riding in the mountains...
And the mountains reminds me of the woods and reminds me that rifle season opens up in 5 days.. count them.. 5 days!
that's a Tuesday morning.. Maybe I shouldn't schedule any patients for that morning... hmmmmm..
my freezer is empty, well not really.. I'm just plum out of venison....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pork Tenderloin

Let me tell y'all what... that pork roast I put in the slow cooker yesterday morning.. was right as rain when we sat down to eat it...
Once I got home, I changed my clothes and went back outside. My cowboy was fixing the belt on the lawn mower.. not a riding mower but one of those zero turn thingies.  So I cut the front lawn and some of the back yard.. you know places where you don't want to take the bush hog...
And he was starting a fire burning some stuff.  Once I was done.. it was about dark, so we moseyed on into the house.  I put on some carrots to steam and set the table, then we sat down to eat.. and HOLY CRAP.. I think that was the best pork roast I have ever had... it was tender and juicy and the sauce was squared away...
in fact.. I'm going to post this recipe..

2 1lb pork tenderloins
1 can of cream of chicken soup
1 can of golden mushroom soup
1 package lipton onion soup mix
3/4 can of water

put it on low and I cooked mine for about 8 hours....
it was tender and AWESOME :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


October has to be my favorite Month. The leaves start to change.. the mornings are brisk.. apple season finally gets here... and pumpkins are everywhere!
When I feel the first break in the weather.. I immediately want soups and stews.. good homey food.  Homey food it just good for your soul..
This morning after I made breakfast.. I put in the crock-pot a 2 pound pork tenderloin, a can of cream of golden mushroom and cream of mushroom soup, along with 3/4 of a can of water with a package of french onion soup mix..... I went home for lunch and when I opened the screen door, I could smell it through the door... oh man Supper is going to be awesome tonight :)
Last night my cowboy went to pick up a horse in North Carolina, I couldn't go because I had patients to see. but, he wasn't going to get home until around 9:30, so when I got home.. I went out and caught Sioux, and rode her around the arena a bit, then moved her into the paddock with Maggie. And called up my favorite Whitmire Chinese food place, and ordered me some food.
I drove on down there in the truck and picked it up with Maya and Vegas... Talked to the Chinese Lady for a little while (she's a sweetheart) and then headed back to the house, and curled up on the couch with the two dogs and my chinese food , turned on tv and started watching the golden girls. about the time the puppies and I finished our pepper steak, my cowboy walked in from North Carolina.
I think tomorrow I will go and pick out a few pumpkins, I always put them on my front steps.  I don't carve them, I just leave them there.  Then after thanksgiving I'll make pumpkin gnocchi and pasta out of the pumpkins.. then Roast the seeds for my cowboy..I try not to let anything go to waste. and he loves pumpkin seeds. well, I better be off.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Virginia State Championship

I had a blast at the Virginia State Championships, which was held at the State Fair in doswell..
We got there late friday night, after getting stuck in an insurance seminar with people rubber necking trying to see what was going on... so it took like an hour to get through charlotte..
but, we got the horses settled.. then headed over to the fair for some FUNNEL CAKES!!!!!!!!!
Tracy Lawrence was performing... and we stopped for a minute to see him, then i kept smelling the heavenly aroma of funnel cakes and cotton candy.. so I was like.... screw him let's go have supper...
So off we went.. and we had to go through this pedestrian tunnel thing.. and as soon you were at the other side.... the aroma of funnel cake hit you and surrounded you like a dream... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh man.. my mouth was watering...
so 1 funnel cake later...  we came upon hand dipped corn dogs........ yeah I had one of them... and some cotton candy.... num num num.. just saying.. :)
So we headed back towards the horses with full happy bellies... and woke up the next morning freezing in the bed... it was cold up there.. we get outside... and there were spectators galore, and people all around.. the crowd was cheering while we were shooting and it was just a really great time.
Maggie and I were setting fast times...
I was winning overall...Then the band started warming up.. and Maggie got to dancing around until I showed her where the noise was coming from..
I think she was almost in horsey sensory overload...
But, we went in there for the last stage.. and it was one of my favorite courses... we blister the first 5... then turn the barrel.. hit the next two balloons.. I shoot the third and my gun went *bam bam* real fast...
it even lit up in my hand.. i had no idea what happened..
everyone said I was lucky that the gun didn't burn my hand..
apparently it's called a chain fire.. and an ember goes off and sparks the black powder in the other chamber and explodes it...
so I missed the last two..
but, oh well.. I did my job.. and most importantly... Maggie did hers...
so I wasn't too upset I didn't win over all.. I still won my division.. so I was still happy :)
But, I drowned my sorrows away in sugary goodness of what they called a apple crisp!
it was amazing.. then I rode a bunch of rides with my two favorite kids Kayla and Trevor.