Autumn Mornings..

This morning I let the dogs out as usual, and Maya was back at the door about as quick as I got back to the bedroom.
so I walked on back to the kitchen and let her back in...  I get into the bathroom and start getting dressed and when I came out of the bathroom.. who was hiding on my bed... little Papaya..
I usually sneak her a piece of cheese every morning while I'm cooking breakfast.. I try to hide it from Vegas, He's still very much a puppy so he's usually having Puppy ADD somewhere else in the house :)
Instead of the usual cheese, I accidentally dropped a piece of bacon that I was done frying..
We had a darn good breakfast this morning.. Coffee, Bacon, Cheesy Egg omelets :)
Anyways, I love these cool mornings, While my cowboy went out to feed the horses I swept off the porch and the walkway to the house.. I was thinking about how I can't wait to see the leaves starting to fall and change...
We are going camping with the horses, way up in the Oconee woods.. it should be prime leaf turning time.. I'm excited. I love camping with the horses and I love trail riding in the mountains...
And the mountains reminds me of the woods and reminds me that rifle season opens up in 5 days.. count them.. 5 days!
that's a Tuesday morning.. Maybe I shouldn't schedule any patients for that morning... hmmmmm..
my freezer is empty, well not really.. I'm just plum out of venison....


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