Dentist..... not so bad!

So last night.. I figured since I was going to have my wisdom tooth yanked out of my maxillary bone.. that I would not be able to eat supper tonight.. so last night, I prepared Meatloaf and a baked sweet potato with corn and deviled eggs....
Now this was good.. REALLY good :)
This morning we had more chocolate chip cookies and milk for breakfast.. haha.. then before I went to the appointment my cowboy decided I shouldn't go there on an empty stomach.. so we went to a favorite little hole in wall "Summer's"  I had a hamburger steak with cole slaw and a salad... he had fried steak fingers..
then I show up for the dentist.. fill out my paperwork..
get sat down in the reclining dental chair...
The Nurse took an x-ray of my tooth...
Asked me a few questions, and then the doctor came in..
He was a really nice guy.. He said "hmm I don't know you"  I said.. "I'm new" and smiled.. so he pulled up a chair, rolled up next to me and leaned back and said "tell me about yourself". So I said "well I've had a tooth ache for a bit..." He cut me off and said "Not about teeth, tell me about you"
So alright, now I'm smelling what he's cooking.. I said "I'm from Georgia, I moved here early last year.. blah blah"  in short, I explained I married my husband and he's got a local business here etc.  So he got all my information, told me he had two daughters 28 and 31 and he loved horses.
Nice fella... So then he got to looking around my teeth.. and he said "you have nice teeth" I said "thanks, I've never had braces" he said "I know".  He said that there wasn't enough of the tooth to pull out yet.. and it would have to be oral surgery.  I made a funny face and he said "don't want surgery"  I said "I'd rather just get some Novocaine and  have you yank that sucker out.." he smiled and said "alright we will wait".  But he assured me that if I was in bad pain to come back.. I explained how it hasn't hurt in about a week, but it had hurt the 3 weeks prior.  and he explained that when it breaks the skin is when it's the worst. and I agreed with him on that..  The staff got some business cards of mine and only charged me for the x-ray :) Professional discount! alllllright!
So I'm back at work :)
Now, Last night After I got home, I quickly let the dogs out and got to making up the meatloaf..
I got that in the oven and My cowboy got home from work, and we went out to check on the cows, One of our Herefords was due in the next few weeks to have a baby!!!!
We get on the four wheeler and head out to the back.. and she wasn't with the herd.. sooooo we went looking for her.. and what do we see up on the hill.. her laying down.. my cowboy is like "ooh maybe she's having it"  so we drive a bit closer and I spotted something with a white face behind her.. and I was like "OOOOH SHE"S GOT A BABY!!!!!!"
and here she is:

How precious is that baby I ask you?  Her Momma is HUGE and she's so tiny.. I hope she gets to be huge like her Momma!


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