This weekend, we went to a Halloween Trail ride... I didn't even place..but, whatever.. I had a good time getting all dressed up..  I put Maggie in a English Saddle, and Set her loose.. she did good..
I really miss riding english..

My Cowboy dressed up as himself... Look close you might not recognize him :)

We had a good time riding, then on the way home, we all stopped at this graveyard, and got out and took some pictures of me next to gravestones.. very creepy.. but the pictures came out super awesome..

See the Zombie in the background?  That was our friends Ron and Nina, they dressed up as Calvary Officers. Kinda fit in the old cemetery since it dates back to the early 1800s.
And This is not the "zombie graveyard"  that is down the street closer to our ranch..
We got back and Nina and I went to the market, and got a pork tenderloin.. so we roasted that and had a big dinner, then hung out in our milking bar-n listening to music and playing cribbage..
Sunday, we woke up and went to church... then came back home and I started on some laundry, and went out to gather up the horses to wait for the Farrier...... 1:30 rolls around, when he was supposed to be here.. and what happened?  that's right.. he stood us up.. so we had to do our own horses feet...
It's not that we don't know how.. it's just a tedious job... but, we got that through and fired him...
later... I made us one of my infamous Apple Caramel Peanut brittle pies...

There she is in the oven.. almost done... we ate supper.. then started watching the cowboys game and then started devouring this pie..  My Cowboy said "this is the best apple pie I've ever had".. then i started laughing and told him I'd been holding out on him..
Tomorrow we are celebrating my ma-in-laws birthday, and I'm going home tonight to make another one of these pies... :)
I went CVS-ing today..  I managed to get my hands on the newspaper and i got to clipping some coupons..

I walked out of there with a 10 dollar american express card and 5 dollars in rewards :)
and saved 63.00 on everything I bought.. I was pretty proud of that..
now tomorrow I'll go back and get my contact solution for free! LOL

I've got to talk the newspaper delivery people into delivering the paper.. sometimes on Sunday I don't want to go to town to get it... But they said I live to far out of town.. oh well.. I have fun with coupons when I can :)
I believe that is all for now..


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