October has to be my favorite Month. The leaves start to change.. the mornings are brisk.. apple season finally gets here... and pumpkins are everywhere!
When I feel the first break in the weather.. I immediately want soups and stews.. good homey food.  Homey food it just good for your soul..
This morning after I made breakfast.. I put in the crock-pot a 2 pound pork tenderloin, a can of cream of golden mushroom and cream of mushroom soup, along with 3/4 of a can of water with a package of french onion soup mix..... I went home for lunch and when I opened the screen door, I could smell it through the door... oh man Supper is going to be awesome tonight :)
Last night my cowboy went to pick up a horse in North Carolina, I couldn't go because I had patients to see. but, he wasn't going to get home until around 9:30, so when I got home.. I went out and caught Sioux, and rode her around the arena a bit, then moved her into the paddock with Maggie. And called up my favorite Whitmire Chinese food place, and ordered me some food.
I drove on down there in the truck and picked it up with Maya and Vegas... Talked to the Chinese Lady for a little while (she's a sweetheart) and then headed back to the house, and curled up on the couch with the two dogs and my chinese food , turned on tv and started watching the golden girls. about the time the puppies and I finished our pepper steak, my cowboy walked in from North Carolina.
I think tomorrow I will go and pick out a few pumpkins, I always put them on my front steps.  I don't carve them, I just leave them there.  Then after thanksgiving I'll make pumpkin gnocchi and pasta out of the pumpkins.. then Roast the seeds for my cowboy..I try not to let anything go to waste. and he loves pumpkin seeds. well, I better be off.


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