Our Weekend

Friday After work, My Friend Nina and I went down to Columbia to spend some of our hard earned Monies... :) I was after vinyl from the fabric store to make Maggie's Halloween costume... well we found ourselves at the mall, buying some perfume and cosmetics..  then to the fabric store... and our husbands (who work together) were at the state fair, and if you are wondering why they were at the state fair... they were at the livestock barn, My cowboys company was sponsoring the feed for the animals and all.. but we think they were there eating funnel cakes and polish sausages...
They Called when they were done, and said they were going to be at Ruby Tuesdays.  So when we were done, we went in and sat a few seats away from them at the bar.
Well, we ordered a beverage, after all that shopping we were parched.. And my cowboy says.. "well Hey, where are y'all from".  I said "we're only in town for the fair".  and that went on until we got up and sat next to them, and the bartender lady was like OMG they picked those girls up.. ahahha so we left with them and went to pearlz.  it's a great little oyster bar in Columbia, we ate oysters until our hearts content, and then had a great Idea to go ride the rides at the fair.
We got there.. and Boy we had fun, rode the ferris wheel, the gravitron, klondike, carosel (yeah I love that stupid little ride) and everything else we could get on.  I had already had my fill of fair food in Virginia, so I just got a Caramel Apple and called it a night, Ron and Nina got themselves a Funnel cake and Nina got some apples to go.  My cowboy got Cotton Candy... we were all quiet leaving, since we were all devouring  our fair goodies.
Saturday Morning, My cowboy had to work.. they were repairing some metal thingy on the roof.. and they needed a crane to fix it.

Well I mozied on over to Fred's to buy some cleaning supplies. like a new mop and some pine sol...
Got home, and I did a Fall cleaning spree in my house.  And When Clint got home, we went trail riding, before supper... we got there late afternoon, and the particular trail we were going on was like a 3-4 hour ride, unless you loped a bit through there.. and I'm trying to get some air in Sioux's Lungs, so we loped a bit.. And we came to the intersection, where you usually veer off to go the short route back... and it was gone.. They had been logging in the woods.. and apparently they took the trees that marked the trails.. Well.... It was either ride back 3 hours... and be in the dark with the glow of the moonlight... or figure something out..
We looked back at the map for a bit... and i pulled out my GPS and I said.. I got this.. So we got back to the creek bed, and I'm yelling run fast "I hear Banjos!!!!" but we followed the creek bed for a while then went back up and blazed our own trail for about 45 minutes and we found our way back to the Brick House and our trailer... Crisis averted :) Sioux is a very good horse. I'm very impressed with her.. She even walked over a wooden bridge.
After we got the horses situated on the trailer, decided to go to the little chinese place in whitmire.... But before we got there.. we passed this house that had a Marine Corps Flag flying, a nice little fire going and a few guys on the front porch...  My Cowboy said.. That's where my friend lives... So we pull over to say hi.  He met this guy at an American Legion Meeting.  Well the guy wasn't there, But the two guys that were there were devil dogs.. so we sat down and spoke with them for a while.. then more started showing up.. and before I knew it.. There were like 10 or 12 Marines all around here.  This was their Hunting camp. We had a blast, talking joking, they were all telling stories.. and We got Invited to the Marine Corps Ball in Beaufort.  Beaufort is right down there next to Parris Island, So I'm thinking we are going to go to that Ball instead of the other one we were thinking about. I am glad we stopped, we had a great time.  I even got to eat Elk Bratwurst.  It was awesome!
We left the campfire around 11 (poor horses) and got back home shortly thereafter.
Sunday morning I woke up and I had the Cooking FEVER.
I made Applesauce, Apple Raisin Marmalade, Pumpkin Soup, Pumpkin Fudge and For Supper we ate Cornish Game Hens :) Now The apple sauce... You sure do use a lot of apples for not that much sauce...
but holy crap.. that stuff was so much better than the stuff you buy in the store.. and It wasn't so loaded down with sugar because apples are naturally sweet...  i never made applesauce before and I will definitely be making it again... that is for sure..
Oh and I made some cinnamon apple chips in the dehydrator.
My Cowboy Cleaned and oiled all of our guns, So they are all ready for us to go hunting this week. And after supper we sat down and watched a movie, then hit the sack to be ready bright and early for work...
Well.. I am at work... He is at the cow sale.. and I'm completely Jealous.. :(
But, I've had a packed Morning and I'm thankful for that :)
Apple Raisin Marmalade

Cooking the Apples down to make Apple Sauce

Pumpkin Soup

Making Apple Sauce

Pumpkin Fudge

My Day's Work

Cornish Game Hens


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