Weekend in the Mountain

This weeked it will be My Girl Sioux and Myself, With my cowboy and quite a few of our friends heading out to the mountains to go camping. I'm so excited.
Low country boil Friday night.. and then Steaks and Sweet Potatoes on Saturday after a day of Trail Riding through the mountains :)

So last night we were watching some tv.. and we hear a *squeak squeak* and I'm thinking "oh no another mouse..." well Maya jumps up and takes off.. she rooted around chasing this mouse for like 15 minutes.. and comes back.. she's got the darn mouse in her mouth...
ugh..  well that one went down the toilet as well :)

I'm meeting my friend Rene' at the grocery store tonight and we are gonna shop for the weekend :)

I'm having a record week.  Patients are flowing like water.. and I'm so pleased :)


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