Another Apple Pie!

Tonight we are going out to eat with my husbands family.. Thursday is maw-in-laws birthday..
So we are celebrating it tonight at a expensive restaurant in town here...
Anyways, I crocheted her a scarf and made this lovely caramel apple peanut brittle pie pictured to the right.... now.... this has to be the prettiest pie I have ever made..
I will not have a piece tonight.. between yesterday's Halloween candy and the leftover apple pie from Sunday... I'm over the sweet binge I was on...

This morning dear sweet puppy Vegas, had his first encounter with the shock collar. :)
He likes to heard the cows, usually in the wrong direction, and He LOOOOVEs barking at poor little Hammy the pig.. and another past time favorite of his... is running the horses and biting at their tails trying to land ski.
so first thing this morning we go to feed the horses... and Hammy wasn't around, so strike out on our part for that.... then we had to go check on the 5 head of cattle my cowboy bought yesterday at the cow sale..
and there it was... Vegas took off under the fence running towards this little baldy calf... so my cowboy yelled and shocked him.. all of a sudden you hear BEEEP zzzzzzt YELP!
He went running out of the cow pen like a lightning bolt... and sat down behind the fence...
then we passed by the other horses that are out in the back pasture and here comes Vegas be-bopping along towards Bosco........ he hit him with the collar again and boooooooy he took off running away from the horses, straight back to the house.. by the time we got back to the house, he was sitting on the front porch.. hahahah.. then we get inside.. and he's looking all dejected, and sitting there staring up at me.. I said.. "awwwe vegas what's wrong???" and petted on him a bit...
I think we might have gotten the right training tool... That dog has a strong mind of his own.. that is for sure..
you can beat him.. but it doesn't phase him...
This shock collar hurt his feelings!
Well I better get back to working... Patients are on their way!


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