Eat Beef... The west wasn't won on a salad..

First and Foremost.. Happy Veteran's Day! 

Thank you God for all the men and women who serve you and us in our military. How blessed we are as Americans to live in this country, to be able to worship God and to have so many amazing men and women in our military protecting not only us but so many others in countries so far away from their home and families.

"A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life wrote a blank check made payable to 'The United States of America' for an amount of 'up to and including my life.' That is honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it." 

Thank you to my Father, both Grandfathers and my Husband for their Service..

And now onto my rambling lamentations about the veterinary freaks...
Tomorrow is the Marine Corps Ball.. and I was looking to find a place to board my dogs, well..
I call my vet down there in fancy smancy big city Columbia.. and I'm like "hi.... blah blah blah how much?"
So the lady says put them together in a run its 31.60 a night, but we aren't open Sunday.. well ok..
then she said "you know that they have to get the kennel cough vaccine" I said "yeah I know". then she said "and with the outbreaks of canine influenza, the dogs are having to get a mandatory flu vaccine".. I'm like dead silence.. then I said "and how much is this?" she said "well it's a two part vaccine and it runs about 66 dollars a dog."  I was fit to be tied.. and I flipped my lid.. I said "I have never gotten a flue shot in my life, nor am I going to put that crap into my dogs.." (that was the edited version) she was like "I understand." I hung up on the wench... SERIOUSLY? no.. nuh uh...
I doubt I will be going back there if that is how it's going to be...
So then I got all investigative.. and figured.. where do I go to learn about people crap?  CDC...
and here is what they have to say..

How serious is this infection in dogs?
The number of dogs infected with this disease that die is very small. Some dogs have asymptomatic infections (no symptoms), while some have severe infections. Severe illness is characterized by the onset of pneumonia. Although this is a relatively new cause of disease in dogs and nearly all dogs are susceptible to infection, about 80 percent of dogs will have a mild form of disease.

so.. no... seriously flu shots for my dogs..
what am I going to do with the dogs now? who knows...

Now off the soap box and on to greener grazing pastures...
last night was ladies night at the cattleman's meeting, which means the end of year banquet.. :)
we had steak and a baked potato, with salads...
And all the cattleman brought their women folk.
we ate.. laughed and had a good time..
They had a little cooking show, and found out that they are coming out with new cuts of beef.. 
steaks called santa fe and san antonio, and a few more.. but, I don't remember the names.  Then the guy was grilling up some "petite tenderloins"  kinda reminded me of venison.. very tender though..
then afterwards.. I got me some more bumper stickers that say "eat beef, the west wasn't won on a salad"
and the guy asked a question made me think.. he said "how many nights per week do you eat beef?"  I was thinking.. man.. we have it like 4-5 nights a week and sometimes for lunch.. interesting fact about us..
anyways.. beef is high in folate, zinc, iron and protein... I get to feeling puny if I don't have it in a couple of days.. Oh and my cowboy got himself nominated onto the Newberry Beef Board :) I was all proud of him!
I reckon I better get onto working some...
actually i'm going to play some Wendy's game to get me a t-shirt that says where's the beef...
I'm also thinking about making some short cooking shows..
calling them "sweet tea's southern fried cooking show" :)
Now that I have an apron to wear.. well.. I'm going to have to dazzle this one up.. I have two I made at home..  I love aprons.. I'll make this one all homey and take a picture of it :)


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