This past weekend was packed :)
My parents were up here, and I sure did miss them.  But, Friday my mother and I went shopping around town, I was looking for some more dress pants.. and since we have a VERY big selection of stores here in our little town, Goody's had nothing good.. and Cato's only had 2 pairs of pants in my size, but nothing I really liked.. I'm looking for grey and a few more pairs of black pants...   So that shopping trip was a bust.. but, I bought some cute litte hair doo-dad thingy.. and a new pair of sunglasses. anyways..
Saturday Morning we all woke up and headed out to hunt...
didn't see anything.. :(
so that was a bust too.. but, that's ok.. I'm moving my tree stand...
And Saturday night, we went to see the Elvis impersonators of Elvis impersonators....
The fist half of his show he played a tribute to Country Legends...
and let me tell you what.. that man can imitate him some Conway... and when he came out as elvis... holy crap.. the place went wild :)
He played a lot of old Elvis music.. I thoroughly enjoyed the show :)
Sunday Morning, My cowboy was in the bathroom, and I was still sleeping.. I feel something breathing on my face... and snuggling with me.. then licking my face.. I woke up and saw my doberdork that joker was all curled up cuddling with me.. hahaha... so I got my butt up, let the dogs out and got in the kitchen and started making Biscuits... I mean White flour biscuits.. not the wheat ones I've been making... a pound of bacon and eggs.... and the four of us threw down on breakfast :)
then, my parents started packing up to leave, and I got to making venison jerky.. ( i got those nifty containers as a wedding present, they are air tight..)

I love making jerky, which reminds me i need to get some more spices..
I just like using my Dehydrator :)

Its about time to make some squash chips..
I like to use those rather than potato chips..

Then my friend's boyfriend lives pretty close to us, and his Momma has a pear tree that was just over run with pears..
So he brought me a huge bag of pears..
so I made some pear butter.. and it turned out pretty good. 

After my parents left, my cowboy decided to go use the bush hog down in the far far back pasture.. and I decided to go grocery shopping for the week..  I decided this week, since it's cold and I've gotten the sniffles.. we were eating soups and Stews... So Cowboy Stew, Chili, and Tomato lentil soup is on the menu!
I get to town and my phone rings, My cowboy is stuck, the tractor won't start.. so i had to turn around and bring him the dually to jump the tractor off...  we decided we might need to buy some new batteries for that tractor and the back hoe... then I headed back to the store..
and for supper that night, I called it our last meal, beacuse Monday, we were eating healthy.. haha all protein and low carbs.. that way we can get ready for Thanksgiving...  speaking of which... my parents are going to Florida .. which means... none of my mom's sweet potato caserole, no sausage stuffing, no bake turkey, no manicotti, baked rigitoni.... zip.. zilch.. nothing.. :(  Thanksgiving, just ain't Thanksgiving if it ain't like momma fixed it.. ya know..
anyhow, here is what our last meal looked like...  Roasted Potatoes, Home gorwn Peas and Pork Roast and Gravy :)

Yesterday at lunch, I went and got a new phone.. AT&T has good service.. but, when i'm paying 120 bucks for an iPhone that isn't on the 3G network.. it sucks big time.. so my iPhone 3GS phone was starting to not take a charge.. so, it was time for me to get a new one... so I called up AT&T and asked them about this little 3g problem.... and they weren't updating towers anytime soon.. and this and that... and i had 3 more months left on my contract...  Well I bought out my contract for 80 bucks and went on the family plan with my cowboy.. he's got Verizon.. and I got the new 4G phone :)
It's awesome.. and Viola! verizon has 3G towers in our town.. and the stupid phone has 3G at home....
Seriously AT&T.... and I got to keep my number :)
I'm going to go back to Verizon today and see about an otter box and some crap for it..
it's so small... lol..
And last night when we got home.. I had a big ole' crock-pot full of cowboy stew waiting.. :)


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