Marine Corps Ball!

We headed on down to Parris Island, Saturday afternoon and got us a hotel room, and got all gussied up to attend this special ball.

We got there and had a few cocktails and then sat down for a very nice meal complete with Steak, Potatoes and Green beans..

Then the party started :)
I had a blast, We met the former Assistant Commandant of the marines and there was even a fella there, that got a silver medal from Chesty Puller.
I remember, there was enough idiot oil in that place to drown a village..
And I remember a lot of dancing.. and the best piece of cake I have had.... and I remember the message from the Commandant.. and singing... and then I remember trying to drink like a Marine... Then I remember waking up in bed :)
So.... Good times :)
Now I've seen some patients this morning.. and I had a minute to write a few things..
I'm trying to figure out some finger foods and the such for my Marine's Birthday Party... Making up a shopping list and stuff :)


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