My Doberdork

This doberdork looooves me :)
My cowboy took this picture when I was laying on the recliner with Vegas..

We had a great weekend..
I threw my cowboy his non-surprise birthday party.. had a band and about 45 people attended :) And boy we had a blast!  The next day I had a puny cowboy and father..  We all partied a little much!
That morning.. bright and early I got my Mother in the truck and we headed down to columbia for a girl day.
We saw a movie, then went to bed bath and beyond.. and I spent my 150 dollars worth of gift cards I had left.. and bought these two awesome throw blankets.. they are wooly and warm.. and cozey...
they are sweet tea approved :)
Then from there we went to TJ Max.. and I bought some UN-necessary items... well $38.65 worth...
I got an owl hot coco mug, a really deep baking dish.. and it was mighty unique and decorated I might add.. a teaspoon set.. and these ceramic measuring cups... and finally this cute little cow figurine... so cute my cowboy sarcastically told me "awww so cute you should have just left it on the shelf"... I was like "seriously?" and he said.. "yeah it's not everyday you see a cow with freckles and blue eyes".........well... I brought her to work she's on my desk.. and I like her... I got a thing for cows...
And while we are talking about farm animals.. I'm moving my chicken coops closer to the house.. they are too far away.. and it's a long stretch to put out light for them...
and their production is down.. and I'm not happy about that.. but, it's my fault..
I decided to start waking up about an hour earlier than usual, this way I can clean and do laundry before I go to work.. so I can concentrate on important things at night.. like.. supper and dessert :)

We are having a heat wave here.. It's about 77 here today.. and two days ago it was 40...  I hate when the weather gets like that..
I have a short week though... I'm closing the clinic Thursday-Friday.  I also have to make macaroni and cheese and a desert for thanksgiving at my ma-in-laws house.  So be prepared to see a cooking video on that :) I was going to try to make one about biscuits.. but, I had a house full and dogs were barking.. and it got all messed up.. so I let it go...
I better be getting back to the work thing... so more to come later :)


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