Rhinitis and Sternutation

ok.. I'm sick of sneezing and this running nose I just can't seem to catch..
Continuing on from before.. We are attending the Marine Corps Ball this weekend.. which I'm super stoked about :)
and I'm getting a new examination table today... as soon as UPS freight delivers the darn thing...
One of my patients this morning told me she is making me sour dough bread! Now that is going to be a treat!
I told her I would bring her some pear butter :)
I was nosing around the Opera house web page.. and ordered some tickets..  I got Ricky Skaggs, I LOVE me some Ricky Skaggs...  He was the very first concert I ever saw..  and as long as we have been in this town, we have been seeing him, and everytime he says "I wish I could get a nice biscuit and milk gravy somewhere in town"  well, I'm going to write him a letter... but, I gotta be sure not to sound like a freak or something..
but, I would flip my lid if Ricky Skaggs came over for Breakfast!

and while I was snooping around.. I noticed something called the Highwaymen.  They are three impersonators: Waylon, Willie and Johnny... So I checked their story out on youtube.... they looked pretty good.. and sounded pretty darn close.. so I got those tickets too.. those are for March though.... it's ok.. I'm going to give them to my cowboy as a present :) He Loves his Highwaymen...  I think it will be special to him..
as long as he don't read this before his birthday...
I was planning a surprise birthday party for him. but, one of his marine buddies let the cat out of the bag.. not on purpose.. just because he wrote me a message and my cowboy had my phone.. hahah

OHHH My table is here, I just saw the UPS Tractor pull in the driveway... killer....


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