a who's who of who cares...

Maggie Mae (left) and Sioux (right) this morning.
I'm feeling like spreading some words of wisdom and all...

I think I'm getting old.. hahah I'm starting to see grey hair and I noticed my first fine line in my face...
Aging gracefully is lovely.. but I believe in kicking and screaming... sotime to start using stronger lancome products.. I used that genifique thingy they had out.. it seemed to do something... They had given me a 7 day trial thingy...
Oh I wear poison perfume, and for the summer I switched to pure poison.. then I decided to go and get some regular Poison, but while I was there.. I found Midnight Poison, so I got the small bottle of that..
and when I got home.. it was the BIG bottle of Regular poison... so I've gotta go back and get midnight poison.. I think that was a gift from the retail gods.. hahah..
Anyways.. I think I'm going to have to start dying my hair... I'm not ready to have white hair...

Things are kicking at my clinic :)
I really like my new table.. the UPS man.. singular.. not 2 ups men.. just 1.. pulls up in this big truck.. and he's getting my table off the trailer.. and i'm like.. I hope there is more than one of you.. well no..
Soooooooooooooooo.. I took my white coat off and rolled up  my sleeves and helped him get it in the door.. which it wouldn't fit, so we had to un-crate it, to get it into the building..
Well we had just got it in, and My cowboy knight in chevy silverado armor showed up. and he helped the guy move it.. the poor fella was like "I didn't know it was this heavy".... hahah
I was checking my numbers this morning... and This week I made my rent for the month :)

I'm excited about the Marine Corps Ball!!!!!!!!!
I'm gonna wear my brown *ahem* excuse me... Truffle dress that I wore on the cruise ship :)


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