Christmas Putting the Fun in Dysfunctional since 1981..

I wasn't going to write about this Christmas.. but, I have decided that I have recovered from the shock of it all..
and here we go:
Twas the Eve of Christmas Eve and we were on our way to Georgia.. and we went a different way.. which turned out to be a blessing because 85 was backed up until 7pm or something around that time due to holiday traffic...
Well we get to Georgia a little bit later than anticipated.. and went straight to the hospital because my mother was in there with antibiotic induced Acute Pancreatitis.. apparently 2% of the population will get that..
Anyways.. we dropped our dog off at a friends house and went to visit my mom..
Then after that we had planned weeks before for all of us to have supper with Randy and Sandy on Friday.. So My father didn't want to come.. So Clint and I went there and had Roasted Lamb with mashed potatoes and corn.. (a favorite of mine).  Then I had to make Stuffoli and a Cheesecake.. and the usual Christmas cookies.. which we did and that went on until late in the night, so We just stayed there...
Then Called my father when we woke up in the morning and he said Christmas was canceled and seemed to be in a bad mood.. which I understand, Since mom was in the hospital..
Well I called my brother.. and we all (my Brother, his wife and myself) decided that it would be nice for him to have some leftovers and a nice home cooked meal while mom was in the hospital.
Well.. I guess that was the wrong decision..
So....................... We had a ham, sweet potato casserole and Green bean casserole...
When I turned the broiler on, to broil the ham... the broiler set the marshmallows on fire and the oven was beeping real loud and flashing F-2.
I'm like "what does F2 mean?".. moral of the story.. F-2 means F-U the oven is on fire...
so, I open the oven and flames are pouring out... i pull the potatoes out of the oven and my father grabbed a spatula and pulled the top layer of charred marshmallows off the top and threw them in the trashcan.. and that went up in flames.. which we used water to get it out...
and that was the beginning of a great meal...
After that.. around 9pm we all headed down to the hospital to see my mother...
Then the 4 of us went to St. Joseph's to the Midnight Mass.  That is the church right next to the hospital.
The Choir was beautiful.. and the Priest really got across his message about What Christmas really is about.. and he welcomed back the people that have been asleep.. and Honored the veterans that were there...
It really was nice.. Plus the priest is the same one that held mass for my Grandfather when he passed away.  I shook his hand after the service and thanked him, I'm sure he didn't remember me from 3 years ago.. but, I thanked him.  His mass was beautiful.
Then we got back to my parent's house.. and woke up.. Dad made some killer Cinnamon pancakes...and I texted my mom, "Merry christmas it's not the same without you... "
so then My cowboy and I headed to my grandmother's house.. and we visited for a while..
Then we left there with intentions of going to the hospital to see my mother.. but, I received a text from her that said " Please don't come I want to rest safe journey home love to you and Clint"
So, I wrote her back.. and we headed back to South Carolina..
by the time we got up to Commerce, Ga.  I called my father to check on my mom, because no one answered her room phone.. and low and behold they were on their way back from the hospital..
no one told me she was getting out...
Well I called my brother and he said he got a text message about it..... moving on..
We get to my ma-in-laws house.. and I start helping her cook.. and her phone rings.. and it's my father.. asking for me..  (I left my phone in the car).  Well he's all upset and asked me if I fought with my grandmother.. I tell him no "we had a pleasant visit". which we did...
and he proceeds to tell me that she was on her way to the hospital because she passed out.
fast forward some time.. I get her on the phone in the ER.. and she told me what happened.. I asked her if she wanted me to come down and she said no.  So I didn't go down..
So Christmas was interesting..
so many things bothered me about people this fine little holiday season...
Here is what I have learned... Two people still think I'm the Antichrist. Got to know some people, I never really talked to and I really enjoyed them... Some people never change.. and I've about had my fill of attitudes, drama and people... I really wouldn't mind celebrating Christmas in my own home and NOT driving all over the country... In fact.. I'd like to just stop celebrating holidays.... Uncomfortable situations and me just don't get along.. and sometimes.. I'd like to just be alone.


  1. Deeply Saddened that you had such a terrible Holiday perhaps your next one will be special



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