Cow Kicked

My Cowboy looking at the chute we just built.
This weekend.. we built a new cattle chute and put up a head gate and all for the cows...
Then worked them.. Wormed them all, vaccinated, ear tagged and banded some of the bull calves...
poor little babies..
But, after we got the cows caught up in the catch pen.. I saw that we had a new baby :) one of the herefords had a baby!!!  a little Red bull calf.. he was so cute..
Now onto the real business... here is how I got cow kicked.. Well My Cowboy was working the head gate and I was pushing them into the chute..
I get about 4 of the calves in the alleyway.. and I go to close them off.. and one of the little baldy suckers pulled his little hoof up towards his stomach.. and BAM right out at me... little joker thought he was funny... until I ear tagged him..
He's lucky he was a steer.. or else I would have banded him and laughed,... Kicked me right in the hand..
I kinda need my hand.. It's not bruised and I didn't break anything so it's all fine and good.. but, still made me mad... And we don't hit them with the cattle prod either..
New born Calf
Oh well.... We had a good day none-the-less.. One of those productive days where you go.. "man we got a lot accomplished"
Then Sunday, We cooked a big breakfast.. venison sausage, eggs, biscuits and venison sausage gravy.. and boy oh boy we threw down at the breakfast table..
Then we ran to the grocery store to do the shopping for the week.. and came back home.. Gotta get stuff done early it was all done by 10am..
Then My cowboy went out to feed the cows and check on them.. and I went to re-arranging the house..
After yesterday I kept finding myself looking up to find Vegas and see what he's getting into.. I just got to thinking I needed to change things in the house.. Therefore; I threw out my red fancy couch and love seat.. I've had them for over 10 years.. and the dogs were just sleeping on them.. and it got to the point that the love seat reminded me of vegas and the couch reminded me of Max for years... I keep looking at them half expecting and half wanting to see him looking up at me like I was waking him up...  So I got rid of that.. and made that little sitting room into my sewing room and library.. I moved all the bookshelves in there and the sewing machine and table.. so it looks different and I like the way it came out...
right after lunch.. around 2, My cowboy calls me up screaming about coyotes were stalking the babies..
apparently the newborn baby and our little baldy baby.. we got him when he was just weaned off his Momma.. so he's gotta be about 9 weeks old.. so he's still small and a little fur ball.. he looks like a teddy bear.. was laying in the sun.. and the coyote was stalking them..So Clint scared him off...
Then My cowboy comes back to the house and get his gun.. and goes back out there to dump the couches in the burn pile and what do you know.. Coyote is back... not for long..
that joker looks like a wolf.. haha
and that was about the extent of our weekend... at dark.. we had supper and then wrapped the Christmas presents to get them out of the way.. watched the pale rider, and went to sleep..


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