Long Day

Christmas in Dixie
I got my Vette back yet again yesterday.. the door latch was broken ya know.. so I had to take it to the body shop to get the door taken apart and fixed...
Well... I get there bright and early in the morning to pick her up... and I said was it hard to fix? the fella says.. "no, just sprayed a bunch of lubricant in there and she started working"...
I'm like.. no way... well I felt like a looser.. if it was that easy...
oh well, at least he didn't charge me for it :)
I swear.. I could fix junk that went wrong with my truck.. but, this car.. I have no idea about it..
anyways.. I had a busy night here at the clinic.. and when I was done with my last patient I finally got to my phone and had a message from my cowboy "black calf is down, I need help" well I called.. he didn't answer so I headed home, and he called me back and said the calf is sick and he's got him up at the house.. so I said I was on my way...
When I got home, I changed my clothes and got the B vitamin complex out and sulfur boluses and went to work on the poor little fella.. gave him a shot and a few boluses.. and hung out with him for a while..
then it was around 7:30pm, and we were hungry so I was all ready to go cook, and my husband says to me.. "I'd really like some of that whitemire chinese food".. Well alllllllllllright..
So we got in the Vette and headed out towards the chinese restaurant.. we ate and chit chatted and then headed back home.. and on the way home we got stopped at a "safety check point".  the cop asks for his license and then went back and checked the license plate.  So two portly cops are standing there  and one says to the other "i'd love to have that" well Clint says "yeah you two keep working for the whitmire police department and let me know how that works out" and so the cop that had Clint's license says "here you are" and hands back the license..
Clint took of.. I was like.. "oh my god that was funny".. Then we got home and relaxed a bit... and watched some crap on Viking wildlife on animal planet..  it was pretty interesting.. but, then after that was over..
it was some other show about the hunters in Greenland.. the tv host guy was asking this hunter where he got his pants.. and the hunter goes "it's polar bear I killed it"..  and the tv guy says "where did you get these" pointing to his boots.. they hunter goes" Reindeer, I killed that too" hahahah.. those people are hard core up there..
then I started to fall asleep right before they killed a seal.. so I don't remember what else went on..
That's about all on the ranch front over here..


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