New Chicky Poo Cafe'

I really didn't feel like getting out of bed this morning..
and I kinda dragged my butt to work...
The door handle on the corvette isn't working so good.. So I'm going to run by a body shop on the way home and see if it's a quick fix or not.
I'm going to re-arrange my house today when I get home.. or at least I think...
I am also going to make Pumpkin Gnocchi and bake the pumpkin seeds for my cowboy.

To the left is a picture of the new chicken coop.
My father caught the rogue hen today! and he threw her in the coop with the rest of them..
I'm going to let the roosters out for good today.. There is no sense in feed the roosters laying crumbles if they ain't laying.. so I'll get them some scratch feed.
I guess that is about it..
If I feel up to it I'll make a video on how to make the pasta..


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