On the sixth day of Christmas

Zippo "pokey" and I
This weekend was pretty darn productive..
Friday after work, I made cranberry almond bark and brought it to a Christmas party that we were invited too.. it was a whose who of everyone.. The senator was there and the Agriculture master for the state and all that..
I didn't know it was a fancy party... iffin' I know.. we might have dressed up.. haha..  but, I had on a nice pair of wranglers, a nice belt buckle that had red rubies on it that I won.. and a nice red cardigan for the Christmas season..
Food was great..  they had sauteed dove breasts with cheesy grits.. and Prime rib, and a bunch of fixin's and it was all served on fine china and silver flatware.. I was thoroughly impressed and grateful We got invited.   It says something when you are a Doctor and your husband is a huge Feed producer..and ya'll get invited to a real nice party.. It's the first time you realize you are "arriving".. Not a student in school anymore.. and important people in the community..
I like it.. I like it a lot...

Well.. Saturday, I started messing with that Roan horse.. he's so skittish.. I didn't get on him.. I was a little worried... he's not ready yet..  I've got a lot of de-spooking to do on him before I try to ride his goofy butt..
 I went out to get eggs.. and all my hens are now laying.. so I'm at about 80-90% production rate with them.. I have a bunch.. but, I need a lot for my Christmas Baking adventures...

All my eggs are in one basket ;)

My Cowboy was finishing up some bush hogging in the smaller pastures.. and he called me to tell me the tractor was out of fuel.. so I drove the dually back there to get him some gas.. and who came running?
The WHOLE herd of cows came..

feed time?!?!?!?!

When I got back from the pasture, FedEx was outside... they were looking for my package... which they lost... yeah.. LOST... I was about fit to be tied... that is the package with my corvette parts in it... so once they left.. .. I saddled up big Ole Maggie Mae..
She's thinking.. what a waste of grass I could have eaten here

Then once I was done with her.. I came back to the house.. Grabbed Sioux.. and Made a sandwhich and grabbed a Mountain Dew and set out to give my hardworking cowboy lunch.

a view from atop Sioux  

I made up a new routine with these two girls...  first I took Maggie just a Running as fast as she could for as long as she was willing to run across like 180 acres... then she started to give out on me.. so We walked back... then with Sioux, she isn't in as good of shape as Maggie is.. So she just took off running across about 80 acres.. she's such a great horse.. I need to make her my backup horse.. but, she's afraid of barrels.. so we need to work on that haha...

My cowboy finally stopped bush hoggin'.. so We went out to check the wheat field.. and It's absoutely gorgeous..

Maya running across the Field.
For supper we had fried pork chops, Mashed potatoes corn and Applesauce.. mmmmmmmmm.. One of my favorite meals.. :)

Now on to Sunday... Sunday morning I went out to check on the girls..
That is them huddled around the waterer...
It was time to get to doing our ranch work.. So Maya and I loaded up into the dually with the trailer.. and headed over to the wheat field..
My cowboy got on the back hoe.. and off we went we loaded 63 bales of hay, and while he was stacking the hay.. I decided to wash my corvette... since there was no rain in sight for the next few days..
I washed her.. then waxed her with this compound stuff.. and it took off the old dead paint or something.. anyways.. the good news is... She's is beautiful and shiny and quite possibly the most beautiful Corvette in the world.. haha  I'm bias..
  I even cleaned inside and out..

After my cowboy was done with the hay.. he wanted to go riding, So I got my father's horse out.. and He got Gracie out.. and we took off..  My father's horse and I had a coming to Jesus talk..  He got to bucking.. like good bucking.. not crow hopping..  and we had words.. then we took of running across the pasture and up the hill.. woohooo Pokey ain't so pokey.. that horse was getting it..
and Maya was around and running and having a good time.. and someone was hunting in the national forest (which is behind our property) and Maya took off.. So I took off after Maya one way.. and My cowboy went looking the other way.. and I finally found her sitting on the front porch of the house... she must have thought someone was shooting at her.. hahah So she ducked for cover...
but, On my way back to the house.. I snapped that first pic up at the top of Pokey and I as we were walking on the bank of the pond, you could see the silo at the top.. I thought it was a pretty cool picture..
hmm and  We had ourselves a Fish fry last night with hush puppies :) then I made Oatmeal Cookies.. and then a Candy Cane cheesecake for the girls at the bank :)
and I delivered it to them this morning.. they were much appreciative of it.  I love baking..


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