yotes need killin'

Well.. dahlings.. this weekend was not so eventful.. We were supposed to go to Virginia for a competition.. but, that was ousted by the fact we had a sick calf..
I thought I was going to be missing it.. until I pulled up the temperature up there.. and it was like 18... I quickly remembered how much it sucked to be cold down to the bone...
So, we drove to the other side of South Carolina to talk to a man about a horse... not really.. but, seriously.. we have a horse for sale and to make a long stupid story short (too late) the horse is at her house, because the trainer that knows what she is doing with the said horse, trains at this ladies barn... whew..
Anywaaaaaays... the lady made us drive like almost two hours to get over there.. for her to tell us Oh HOW GREAT her kid is..
man I HATE that... i hate people that brag on their kids and how great of riders they are.. blah blah blah...
who cares.. I don't.. well.. she went on and on for like 45 minutes.. and come to find out.. her husband wasn't in town.. and the moral of the story was.. her fabulous daughter was qualified to ride this horse.... YAAAAAAAAAAAY... I forgot to bake brownies and bring her a soda for the occasion.. so I looked around and tried to check out so I didn't say something nasty to the gloating parent.... she wants to get together for dinner to talk about this horse... RETARDED. *ahem*... freaking people I tell you what....
Then after I wasted about an hour of my life I will never get back.. I decided it was about time to go.. so I  nonchalantly looked at the sun.. and was using my skills I learned in NAM.. Nam was hell by the well..
and I said.. "well we must be off.. it is about 5:30" and hot dog I was right! hahahah.. So the lady was all shocked and said "oh do you have somewhere to go" I was all "why yes, yes we do"... even if we didn't anywhere would be greater than there...
So we headed further to the other side of the state to Walhalla and met up with two dear old friends of my Cowboy's. We met them at apparently the only restaurant there, which was mexican.. and we stayed there pretty late.. then they suggested we stay at their cabin.. and boy oh boy was it peaceful.. the river outside the windows.. and the cabin was built on an old gristmill foundation... I mean it was awesome..We stayed up pretty late having great conversation with good friends.. and I got super tired... I slept so peacefully.. woke up with the sound of water.. ahhhhh I love rivers..
We left early so we could tend to the animals.. But we did stop by a flea market.. and we found "milky the cow" it's a cow toy... and it's cool as crap.. I totally would have wanted one of these when i was a kid.  it drinks water and milk comes out it's udders.. ahahah,  Priceless..
So we worked around the ranch the rest of that day... then Sunday.. we got the cows up.. and caught the one straggler we missed, got her tagged and vaccinated and went back to the house to work on a place to park the tractor trailer... and like 3 hours later.. we go back out there to the catchpen.. I seen a bunch of vulchers and stuff  and what did my cowboy spot in the field? a dead something or another...
we walk out there to it.. and I'll be dog gone.. it was a 6 pointer... Coyotes took it down..
I would post a picture of it.. but, I know those left wing animal right people would be on my butt about animal cruelty or some crap and then report me to google.. and them being the people pleasing sympathizers they are... delete my blog and all my hard work that went into it... and that being said.. I think we found a new calling.... annihilation...  annihilation of yotes...I'm just glad it wasn't a calf.. but, a bit Pee Oed about the fact that was a deer I could have shot and ate... Right now.. I could have fresh jerky curing in the dehydrator... or a Venison meatloaf baking in the oven... mmmmmmm meatloaf..
ok I went off track.. oh speaking of the track of food..
My friend told me not to name the cows I was going to eat.. and I said i totally already named them..
"Well I named ben... and he head butted me.. So I told him he was no longer Sir ben of newberry.. he was now sir T-bone of my dinner plate... "
and that being said.. I have a patient to tend to...


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