Good Ole South Carolina!

I am back from Las Vegas.. and glad to be back.. Like my cowboy said "a few days in Las Vegas lets me know how much I'm glad to live in South Carolina" and he's 100% right...  I have decided I throughly enjoy People watching... and let me tell you what.. people watching is the BEST in the hotels.. hahahaha
I'll hit the high points..
while I was at the seminar.. I was walking around and checking out all the vendors... after some chinese dude told me I had a high chance of developing cancer.. and I said "no crap sherlock 1 out of every 2.5 will get the disease" I was pleasantly surprised by Elvis.  I was walking away from the crazy chinese doctor and I get caught by this Green scarf and I turn around.. and what does my little green eyes see????? ELVIS!!  I screamed "OH ELVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!".. yeah I'm serious.. and he's all talking to me.. and we took this picture.. and he starts asking me all kinds of questions like, where I'm from and what I do... and what kind of ranch I live on.. etc... then he dumbfounded me... he says "what are you doing for lunch?"  I was like.. HOLY CRAP!!! hahahah
but, I told him I was married to a very big tall handsome retired Marine cowboy that I loved... and He said that was too bad..
hahahah... casa nova Elvis is what he was :)
But, that was awesome..

After the seminar was over on saturday.. we decided to rent a car.. since the plane didn't leave until 11:00 p.m. (pacific time), we caught the red eye...
well we go up to the car people and we were all asking about cars. and she's like.. we have a corvette. I said "oh I want that" and my cowboy looked at me and said "you drive one everyday".....  I just nodded.. so we got a Camaro!
Test driving the Camaro

we headed off towards Hoover Dam... and I'll tell you what... Nevada is Gorgeous.. just absolutely beautiful.. and then after we passed through the hoover dam, we were in Arizona!
OHH MY MY MY that place is prettier than Nevada.. we couldn't go far because it was about 7pm when we made it to Arizona.. so maybe we only drove 20 miles into it...
Hoover Dam Bridge

Lake Mead
but, not before we were brake torquing the Camaro to test it out... hahahah  I like the camaro a lot.. but, I love my Corvette...

Hoover Dam

and We caught the red-eye back to Charlotte... and then picked up my Corvette. :) Check out her new side pipes!!!

And Monday after I got off of work... I came home and opened the door to the house..
and my cowboy said.. "don't look anywhere but in my eyes" I said "ok" and he said "come closer" so I walked over to him and he said "how much do you love me?" and I said "a lot.. why what did you buy?" he said "look down and to the left " and I did.. and what did I see??????? My baby bottles were out... and A bag of calf milk.. I started jumping up and down screaming "I got babies!!!!!!!!"
and I did.. I have 3 baby boys.. 
I can't explain the happiness I feel when I have to feed babies... I just love little calves so much...  It brings back many great memories of my Biscuit and Dennis the mennis.. and wild bill...   :)
I'm a happy girl..


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