Viva Los amigos! No viva Las Vegas

Well all last week I have been thinking about my late puppy Vegas.. I keep dreaming about him and catching glimpses of him out of he corner of my eye.. It's been hard. Even this morning I woke up about 4:30 and found myself looking for him then got all sorts of upset reliving memories of him... The time past and my alarm clock went off and my cowboy and I hopped a plane to Charlotte then 5 hours non stop to las Vegas.. And here we are.. I wanted enough money for a new sink.. Won that it's in my pocket right... Now.. My cowboy is playing a Texas hold em tournament.. This place is a freak show.. Some foreigner was taking pictures of me so I started taking pictures of her.. Apparently cowboy hats are novelties in her country... A lot of people stare and ask where I'm from.. I like to tell them things like.. Brooklyn... Boston etc and then look at the stupid look on their face... At least they ain't asking if I'm from Texas.. That right there irritates me to no end... Anyways let me explain why I'm here.. As if 6 years in graduate school wasn't enough I have to get continuing education credits.. And here I sit.. In las Vegas to get smarter... I'll tell you what I'm getting smarter at.... Counting freaking cards... Started out with 50 bucks.... And now I'm up :)


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