Monday, February 27, 2012

Beautiful Weekend.

My chickens are nuts..  They pecked the eye out of a mouse that was in their house... I'm holding him up right there...  I think they are a little territorial of their house :)

This past saturday, I had to meet a patient at the clinic because she was having some problems, but we got her squared away, then we went by the home improvement store and I was able to pick up a few things for the gazebo.. I got two new chairs, a coffee table and a 2 seater wicker chair set..  its nice.. plus I got a mosquito net to go around the whole thing.. I set all that up on Sunday morning..
Saturday we had to take a horse of ours to a friends house, he's on his way to virginia by way of North Carolina,  my cowboy decided to sell him.. and so he's gone...  I was sad about it.. but, not as sad as when he sold Lebo...
I understand this is a business and some horses are permanent fixtures and some are on borrowed real estate...
I hope he'll be happy.. wherever he's going.. he's going to make a jam up horse.. he turns 5 this year.. and he's going to be beautiful..

Sunday was a day all around the house..  cleaned up the yard, gave the horses hay..
fed the cows.. and caught up the cow we are going to eat...  He's going to the butcher on Wednesday..
I had put a picture of him on facebook.. and got a lot of people saying they disliked it and it was horrible..
where do you think beef comes from?
by god, I'm happy to know that this cow was raised on our ranch and I know every shot he has gotten, every time we wormed him, everything that has ever gone wrong (actually he was pretty healthy) But, I got him when he weight less than 20 lbs.. and now he is a big steer...
The people of today are ridiculous when it comes to food... can't have this or that.. everything has to be organic..  well it don't get more organic than that steer right there which is grass fed beef..
every steak you eat comes from some cow that someone raised somewhere...
My patients is running short with people the past few days...
I had a patient try to tell me how to do my job... I politely explained that if they wanted to go to school for 6 years like me and get to call yourself Doctor.. go ahead.
Then I had another tell me I charged them $2.10 more than their E.O.B.
and I had someone that wasn't an american citizen come in and try to get free health care.... which does not fly with me.. because I am an american citizen and I lived without health insurance for about 8 to 10 years of my life.. and I never got treated for free anywhere...
anyways...  I miss being on the ranch and just not leaving the place unless I needed something from the market...  I enjoy getting people well.. and I enjoy helping people.... I just think I would be happier being a full time rancher... but, that will never happen.... so I'll quit complaining about it and get back to work...
Oh.. Friday we went to the Marine Corps Graduation and It was awesome.. we met up with our friends Eric and Sharyl...  It was good to see them :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Cows Chasing the truck for grain


Must have missed the memo..

Sunrise this morning

I was walking back from the calving barn this morning, and I just so happened to peak in on my girls at the chicky-poo cafe'.. and found one of them in a bucket laying an egg.
She must have missed the memo this morning..  I want to have chickens run around the yard, but, I'm afraid to let these girls out, I don't want anything to happen to them, I'm thinking to just buy some roosters and hens at the flea market and let them run around the yard.
Tomorrow we are headed to Parris Island, to watch the Marine Corp Graduation.  Then we will promptly be back home after that, due to the fact that I have 7 hungry little mouths to feed :)

Then Saturday, my plan is to clean up the yard, strike up that gazebo tent thing and buy some lawn furniture, so I can have a nice little relaxing place to hang out after work.

Since now it's not dark when I leave my office, I have some daylight left.  It makes my life easier.

Last night though, I did come home to the sweetest thing, a note that said "all the chores are done.. I love you"  and a glass of red wine already poured. :) My cowboy sure does love me.  He told me he appreciated all that I did around the ranch and wanted me to have the night off....
So what did I do you ask?  I made bread.. hahaha

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dairymaid Woes

Saturday I was Minding my own business like a good cowgirl does... and My cowboy says "lets go look at these calves", So I said "sure" and off we went down the road to this dairy and beef farm..
Well... we get there and I was under the impression we were getting 3 calves...
I wound up coming home with 7....
1 holstein, 1 brown swiss mix, 1 mut and 4 black angus crosses.....  I have one heifer and 4 steers...  And all of them need to be bottle fed..
and I love my babies... but this routy bunch... let me tell you what.. I only got 3 of them to take the bottle saturday night, Sunday I wake up.. and I'm rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and filling up the coffee pot with water. and I look outside the window, and what do I see?.......  a calf.... the joker was out of the pen... So I put the coffee pot down and put on my muck boots and run outside.. to wrestle calves.. and I mean literally..  3 of them were out.. and not the three that figured out I was momma saturday night...
So.. After we slip and slide in the mud and I get them back in the pen.. I walk back into the house to make them bottles... I got 6 of them eating, but the smallest one still wouldn't eat... so I figured he'd be hungry by supper time.. so I let him ride..

after that fiasco We finished putting in my new sink... For Christmas I got the touchless faucet from my parents... and then If you get the wheels spinning and think back.. I got the money for the sink in Vegas..  Well 2 weeks ago.. I picked up a composite sink.. supposed to not break and all that jazz...  Well Rewind to Friday...  Friday since I get out of the Clinic early.. I decided I'd run by the grocery store (this should have been my cue to stop what I was doing)  I bought a gallon of milk..  and put it down on the floor board of the vette.. and drove home... well I found out when I placed it down on the floor board, there was a screw sticking straight up and stuck in the milk jug, and viola... rotten milk smell in my car... no bueno...
but, I put the groceries away, and said alright.. i'm going to put in this sink.. so I rolled my sleeves up got some tools and went to work...
I get the composite sink out of the box, and I'm going to install the faucet.. well the sink has "easy knock out" holes in it.. so I go to knock out the other hole I needed with a hammer.. and bam... The whole darn sink split in half... seriously?!?!!?  yeah seriously...
So i loaded the joker up and headed back to the home improvement store which I will keep nameless... and on my way.. I pass this really pretty motorcycle... that looks like ours... (I forgot to tell y'all we got a motorcycle.. more to come on that).. well I slam on the breaks.. and pull over..  and my cowboy turns around and he's like what are you doing?  I was all.. "yeah... ummm.... I broke the sink"  hahahah... so I follered him back to the house and he came with me.... Good thing too.. because after I broke the unbreakable sink.. I decided that I might not want to get that one again.. so I got a kohler cast iron 9.625" deep sink..  and it's beautiful.. let me tell you what.. and the touch-less facuet thing... so awesome...

On to the motorcycle... A week or two or so ago... My husband decided that since all his Marine buddies have motorcycles.. that we needed to get one to...  I had absolutely NO interest in motorized bicycle death traps myself...  but, I'm easy going and easy to get along with.. so I figured i'd give it a whirl..
so we head down to Columbia to this Harley place... and hes looking at this ultra classic bikes or some crap.. well my grandfather (who rode) wouldn't have driven that...
so my cowboy is all "look at this one" and right in front of the sales dude..  I said "I'm not getting on that... My grandfather wouldn't even ride that.. If you are going to buy a Harley.. buy a REAL harley"... So the sales guy asked me what I preferred.. so I look around and my eyes caught this bike....  apparently it's called a Softail...  well..  I asked about the color.. and It was called "blue suede pearl"  now with a name like that... and me being a woman with Elvis in my heart.. I said.. that's got to be the one..  So the guy tells me how much it was.. and I about fell out...  holy crap.. I could buy a truck for that price....  So I said.. no bueno.. and he began to throw out all these names of crap that was on the bike.. some vanson heinz exhaust.. some shocks, pegs, spokes, sissy bar... now when he said that.. I said.. I'm not sure I want a sissy bar.. what the heck is that.. and the guy showed me.. and I said.. sorry for being a mental midget.. if it ain't got 4 legs I don't know much about it.. hahaha..  Now it's used now... and it was 19900 or something.... that was too many nines and zeros for me...
Well My Cowboy starts talking to the guy.. and they were hemming and grumbling and crap.. and I said.. Look.. I'll give you eleven grand for thing... and the guy looked at me like I really was an idiot..  but, I said.. I'm hungry.... I'd like a tasty beverage and I'm not into beating around the bush.. go take the over to the dude or I'm going to eat".... So off he scurried.. and he came back.. and he said.. that the owner was far from happy with the offer... and I said.. Ok.. and my cowboy said.. Alright.. we are going to eat...
so then we got up to walk out.. and the dude was like.. WAIT... I want you to talk to.... well I forgot the fella's name... so My cowboy did.. and this guy thought he was going to sell me on this bike.. so he starts telling me this and that.. and I said.. "look buddy.. I don't want the darn thing.. I would be happier then a fat kid with a cake just riding my horse down the side of the road.." so he looked like I blew his candle out...
Anyways... We went home with the bike.. for 1,500 more than what I offered him :)
Remember.. You got to be 10% smarter than the equipment you're runnin'. 

I think i'll be alright...  I REALLY enjoyed the one and only ride I have taken on the bike :)

We are headed to bike week next month.. hahahah

Well That's all for now.. so just do all you can do and let the rough end drag.

Last night's Supper...  Lemon Olive Chicken.. :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rollin' downhill like a snowball headed for hell

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened... This week I have been thinking about my fur babies and how much I miss the ones that have gone over the rainbow bridge...  and all week I haven't really wanted to do much, and I've been sleeping and not wanting to get out of bed.  But this is not a place for me to be "debbie downer".  Therefore; I'm going to dwell on the good times..
No matter how down you get the good times ain't over for good..
We have had a few calfs born these past few weeks, and things are looking good with the cattle...  as far as the house goes... since the cold weather has come back.. so have the mice..
Maya when she was wee little puppy
The past week or so, Maya has been ratting... and she usually catches them..  Sunday, before we headed off to see Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder..
I decided I was going to make some Borodinsky bread.. well.. I open the cabinet that holds my baking goodness.. and I see all the bread flour on the bottom of the cabinet.. 
so I figured a mouse ate a hole in the bottom of it, and that was that...
No.. that wasn't that... I got out the bag of flour.. and made an executive decision that.. well if the flour on the bottom is what the mouse touched.. the stuff on the top might be ok..
well.. No.. that was a wrong decision.. because I opened the bag and what was in there?!?!!?!? tiny little pink mice babies...  I was about fit to be tied.. that was a new bag of flour... SO I threw them in the trash and decided to clean out the flour from inside the cabinet and I'd just go buy more flour...
Well....  I get to moving some of the stuff in there.. and flying out comes this mouse right at me.. I fell backwards screaming like a school girl.. (it totally caught me off guard) and the mouse started to run.. and Maya was Johnny on the spot.. she caught that mouse and started chewing it... and all you heard was bones crunching..   Now I pop a lot of bones.. but, I don't break them... and she was breaking them.. hahahah
I gave her a few treats and told her she was my hero.. maybe even the wind beneath my wings.. hahahahah
Then we went to see Ricky Skaggs and that was amazing as always... He has to be the most talented man ever :)
Valentines day came around.. and I came to work.. and shortly after I opened the doors.. I was greeted by the Floral lady.. she brought me a dozen red roses :)

And that was an awesome way to start off Valentines day....  We decided not to go out to eat for this day... I said.. I could cook better crap at home then we would get in the restaurant.. plus better service.. hahah.. So I woke up extra early to pre-prepare a few things..  like I pounded out chicken breasts until they were thin, rolled out some prosciutto and brie cheese on top of the chicken and rolled them up into little logs of Cordon Bleu, put them in the fridge and let them marinate for a while...
Then came home from work and viola!
Chicken Cordon Bleu with Sauteed Broccoli

And for desert.. I pre-made Chocolate covered strawberries... and then paired this all with a sauvignon blanc wine...

And that was Valentine's Day..

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rescue Dog

As Everyone knows.. I've been pretty crappy and depressed since our dog died..
Well, Saturday we happened upon a Petco in Spartanburg, and came upon this year old doberman..
He's a Fawn, and he is super skinny and wasn't taken care of..
his coat was crappy and all of his ribs were sticking out..
Well we adopted him. Decided to give him a home..
His name was Ghost.. we have renamed him Gunny.
He comes to the name already too :)
The first night he was at our house.. he seemed unsure.. he doesn't get on the bed (even if you ask) and he don't get on furniture..
Well I have him getting in the recliner now. that's where he sleeps.. he still won't jump up in the bed.. but, that's ok.. that will come with time..
I've learned he doesn't like to pee or roll a deuce without you standing there with him.. which is kind of annoying, but, I'll get over it :)
The first night was really hard for me.. he has so many of the same mannerisms that Vegas had... and He was following me around like Vegas did.. so, needless to say... I was a bit weepy.. well a lot teary..
and I will tell you what.. I sure did miss having a big doberdork in the house..
The people that had him, cropped his ears but never taped them so they would stand.. and apparently they paid good money for the dog since he's a fawn and they are pretty rare... I don't know what possesses people to neglect dogs..
I'm trying to teach him how to talk, like Vegas did.. Gunny has started to get on the couch with me and relax.. and he's starting to know he has a home.. My cowboy told me "something came back to life now that we have him",  And he's right..