Must have missed the memo..

Sunrise this morning

I was walking back from the calving barn this morning, and I just so happened to peak in on my girls at the chicky-poo cafe'.. and found one of them in a bucket laying an egg.
She must have missed the memo this morning..  I want to have chickens run around the yard, but, I'm afraid to let these girls out, I don't want anything to happen to them, I'm thinking to just buy some roosters and hens at the flea market and let them run around the yard.
Tomorrow we are headed to Parris Island, to watch the Marine Corp Graduation.  Then we will promptly be back home after that, due to the fact that I have 7 hungry little mouths to feed :)

Then Saturday, my plan is to clean up the yard, strike up that gazebo tent thing and buy some lawn furniture, so I can have a nice little relaxing place to hang out after work.

Since now it's not dark when I leave my office, I have some daylight left.  It makes my life easier.

Last night though, I did come home to the sweetest thing, a note that said "all the chores are done.. I love you"  and a glass of red wine already poured. :) My cowboy sure does love me.  He told me he appreciated all that I did around the ranch and wanted me to have the night off....
So what did I do you ask?  I made bread.. hahaha


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