Rescue Dog

As Everyone knows.. I've been pretty crappy and depressed since our dog died..
Well, Saturday we happened upon a Petco in Spartanburg, and came upon this year old doberman..
He's a Fawn, and he is super skinny and wasn't taken care of..
his coat was crappy and all of his ribs were sticking out..
Well we adopted him. Decided to give him a home..
His name was Ghost.. we have renamed him Gunny.
He comes to the name already too :)
The first night he was at our house.. he seemed unsure.. he doesn't get on the bed (even if you ask) and he don't get on furniture..
Well I have him getting in the recliner now. that's where he sleeps.. he still won't jump up in the bed.. but, that's ok.. that will come with time..
I've learned he doesn't like to pee or roll a deuce without you standing there with him.. which is kind of annoying, but, I'll get over it :)
The first night was really hard for me.. he has so many of the same mannerisms that Vegas had... and He was following me around like Vegas did.. so, needless to say... I was a bit weepy.. well a lot teary..
and I will tell you what.. I sure did miss having a big doberdork in the house..
The people that had him, cropped his ears but never taped them so they would stand.. and apparently they paid good money for the dog since he's a fawn and they are pretty rare... I don't know what possesses people to neglect dogs..
I'm trying to teach him how to talk, like Vegas did.. Gunny has started to get on the couch with me and relax.. and he's starting to know he has a home.. My cowboy told me "something came back to life now that we have him",  And he's right..


  1. I think thats awesome Tara. Im kinda in limbo right now cuz my Jack aka Tippy has been missing for a week. Ive done everything I know to do but still no sign of him. He will be 9 in July and he's been there w/ me through lots of stuff. I think your Gunny will be great addition to your family. At this point I cant even think of getting another dog but when I do it will be a shelter dog cuz they are the best. Good luck w/ the new addition to your family. He's gorgeous


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