Bike Week

Friday we headed on down to Daytona Beach for the 2012 Bike week... and let me tell you what.. Bike week was awesome..
I'm a people watcher.. and There was more people watching to do than I could shake a stick at...
The first night we were there, we left after I had gotten out of the Clinic.. and It only took us about 5.5 hours to get down there.. but, once we got there.. we headed to meet our friends Eric and Sharyl.. One we were with them, we had supper at the Cracker Barrel, then headed off to drop off our stuff at the Hotel.  And Might I add, Sharyl booked us the Ocean front view with a balcony!  Score!
But, that night we headed over to main street and cruised around on the bikes for a while, then started bar hopping around to check out the scenery.. and let me tell you what.. there was people dressed like all kinds of craziness.. :)
The next day, we headed around to look for a place to eat.. and every place was crowded.. so We were just following Eric and Sharyl around and we passed this large lady holding a sign that said "Steak and eggs 6.95"  So we made a U turn and decided to eat there.. It was called Heffer's Country Kitchen... ohhhhhhhhhhh my gosh.. It was good... Real grits and eggs.. and fresh biscuits and crap. It was awesome :)  That was our breakfast spot for the rest of the visit..
Then we headed around looking at all the vendors and all that jazz..
until it started to rain..  So we went back to the hotel and decided that we'd rest the remainder of the afternoon so we could stay up late...  We decided to go eat at this seafood restaurant called Charlie Horse... They had amazing food..
While we were there... We were seated next to some punk kids that were on spring break.. sounded like they were jersey trash.. and were real loud.. cursing up a storm and being just obnoxious..
Well, A biker that was sitting at the bar turned around and said "Stop using the F***ing, F*** word for everything a***Hole"  well.. you would have thought that would have turned into a fight.. but, it didn't.. because the manager came over and told them to quiet down a bit... and the jerky jersey boy said "why.. because i'm young and having a good time??" and the biker turned around and said "because you are an idiot". hahah.. so finally their food came.. and as they were stuffing the hole under their nose, they weren't speaking.. so the rest of the meal was in peace....
After our awesome dinner.. I had a great Idea to go to the Iron Horse Saloon.... *angelic noise*
It wasn't raining in Daytona.. but, apparently up the street in Ormond beach or wherever we were.. It was raining...  and on our way there we got wetter than a cow peeing on a flat rock.....
but, once we got there... I was in love with the Iron horse.

This place was amazing. It was like a compound.. David Allen Coe was there the night before.. and to my luck the Stray cats were there The night I was.. So I got to see them play a little before we left..
The Iron horse is definitely a place I'd totally go back to..
There was almost a fight there... some retard on a crotch rocket motorcycle comes flying up.. and his hooker looking girlfriend gets off his bike... now picture this.. she's wearing spandex with slits cut all down the sides and 5" doo me high heels.. and she gets off and starts working her way across the parking lot.. and some old biker dude grabbed her butt... 
So I'm thinking.. if your are letting it hang out there like a piece of meat... be ready to be handled... ya know... well she got all offended that he did that.. and the scrawny little boyfriend of hers comes up and is screaming at the biker... apparently he was too drunk to beat him.. so they hugged and made up.. It was quite comical...
After that.. we drove over to the Cabbage patch.. through some more rain... it was nuts..
I never knew that the rain hurt that hard getting hit in he face on a motorcycle.. hahaha..
The cabbage patch wasn't as awesome as I heard it was.... so we left and went back to the hotel...
and I guess that was about all that went  on :)


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