Waylon, Willie and Johnny!

Last night we went down to the opera house to see The Highwaymen, a tribute to Waylon, Willie and Johnny. which was awesome.. I might add...
So we get to our seats.. and there were some older persuasion people sitting in front of us... older.. as in.. Q-tip heads..
and I say that.. because.. you are at an old school country concert.. with rednecks everywhere.. it's gonna be loud.. :)
well that being said... Waylon came out first.. and he looked just like him.. and he was signing and we were hollerin'.. and the lady in front of us.. looked back and was shaking her head...
everyone was hollering and clapping... well then the lights started.. and she's shielding her eyes...
at this point.. I'm thinking.. well if you can't handle the light display or the noise..why in the world are you here?
Fast forward to intermission time..
we all were standing out side.. we all was our friends we went with: Mike, Sandy, Justin and Amy. 
There was one couple standing out side when we all got out there.. and the woman was obviously drunk.. her name was tammy.. she introduced herself to me about 5 times...  well, she gets a load of our belt buckles and she says "there's a buckle convention in columbia"... we started laughing at her.. and my cowboy said "a buckle bunny convention" and we were all just rolling.. so Tammy's boyfriend or husband or whoever he was to her says "i'm sorry.. she's had a lot to drink"
and Tammy said "what are you sorry for" and he said "it's such a beautiful night" hahahah
I said.. "y'all must be city folk" and they said yeah we are from columbia.. So we messed with them a bit..
and they asked if we were from here.. and we all said yeah... and I said "they don't let us out much.. we live on a cattle ranch"... and then we talked about that a bit.. and then the Tammy lady says, "it's the Rodeo that's in town.. do you barrel race?" I said "Nah, I sort and bulldog" hahahah  then my Cowboy said "we do cowboy mounted shooting"  and then the fella was like "you wrestle steers?" I said "hell Yeah".. well it's not entirely a fib... I wrestle the calves to hold them down and crap.. so.. I kinda do.. just not as big as the ones he was thinking of.. lol... plus you gotta mess with the city folk...
so, Tammy starts talking about Waylon and if they have another kid she's naming it Waylon.
and Sandy looked at Mike and he said we ain't having kids.. and I said "why not.. she's got good teeth, she's great breeding stock" and Sandy looked at him and gave him a big ol' teethy smile and we were all laughing.. and Tammy and her fella were asking about the whole teeth and breeding thing.. so, I came up with some crap out of my butt and was all "yeah, you look at cow's teeth before you breed them... ya know.. see how old they are and all that" then I looked at Sandy and I said.. "her teeth said she was about 41", and Tammy's Fella guy friend was like, "how old does my teeth say I am" and he showed me his teeth.. and I said the first number that came to my mind "49".  The dude had an expression on his face like prom queen meets deer in headlights... that crap was priceless..  you can't make up stuff better then this..he said "how did you know.. did you work at a carnival?"  ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man... it was funny... so we all went back into the show.. and I was laughing about these city folks.. man oh man... gullible ain't even the word for it..
Anyways.. back to the matter of the Q-tip old folks.. Willie came back on singing Whisky River... well after that song I yelled out a fake room number.. because I thought it was funny Well that little old lady with the flashing light problem.. turns around and says "you don't think this music is good do you?"  I was like.. "WHAT????? seriously lady? you paid 35 dollars for the ticket..go home"  I mean.. that's the truth with some cheese on top... just sayin'
So.. I had a pretty darn good night. and I love me some Waylon, Willie and Johnny...
Oh Johnny even played my favorite song "Big River" :)


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