Thursday, April 26, 2012

a sick chicky poo

This is what I look out at every morning :)
I just realized there is a leaf stuck to the screen, but there is the round pen and the garden :)
and too the left is where I'm going to fence in with hog wire, and put the sheep.. yes, I am getting sheep.... I've been wanting them for a while, I just need to just do it.. and get them...
Relay for life is this Friday, so Tonight I will be baking up a storm of cookies to sell in the booth.. and I need to pressure wash the bloomer horse trailer and get that ready.  I think I'm going to have to skip the cattleman's meeting tonight..

last night, I was doing my nightly hanging out the girls in the chicky poo cafe' and I noticed that one of the babies I got looked weird.. so I picked him up and he felt like he was full of air.. so I'm puzzled about this.. so I get to pushing on him and lifting his wing up and he's got air inbetween the crop and the skin and all down to his abdomen and I have no idea what this is..
So I get on my phone and try to come up with an idea of what this may be.. and the only thing I can come up with is airsacculitis?  So reading the web page about it.. it says I need to pierce him with a needle.. poor little fella... they are old enough now that I am checking the size of their legs to see what they are..
someone told me that the thicker the legs, they are roosters... but, let me tell you what...that didn't work with the americana's.. I'm just saying.. so what i've deducted is I have 2 roosters and 4 hens..
Would have had 2 more, but I can't remember if I wrote about the fact my babies got out or not.. and I couldn't find two of them, well then Maya found two of them and pinned them so I could get them.
So Maybe she bit him or something... I have no idea...
I'm going to get him some antibiotics today at the mill.. I'll doctor him this week.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the join-up

I got to feeling the urge to ride english yesterday, so I saddled up ole pokey (my dad's bucking horse) and tried him out.  We got into the arena, and I walked him around a bit, had to move the saddle and tighten some things.. Then I started trotting him and doing some reining exercises... then I got him into a canter... and Thank God he wasn't doing that stupid western pleasure lope... See Zippo over here used to be a western pleasure horse.. then he crossed over to the normal side.. and became a shooting horse..  Well now I'm trying to make him into my new jumping pony..  Anyways.. back onto the path to the end of this story.. We did some serpentines, 20 meter figure eights and some 10 meter circles.
Then I was feeling like he was doing good and I got some moxy and decided to try to jump him, so i set up a little cavalletti and by god it was only a foot high, but he jumped it.. and he did it a few times.. I was so happy, I must have looked like a retard, because I jumped off and started hugging him and telling him what a good horse he was :)
So I cooled him down and then took the saddle off in the arena, and let him go.. I figured he'd run back to the heard.. nope, he followed me, nuzzling me along the way, all the way back to the gate.. I think he wanted to come with me.  I guess our little coming to Jesus talk this weekend and our workout Monday, must have been our "join-up" moment...  I have high hopes for him... He's a good horse.. you just have to be really stern with him.

Now I need to make Jumps.. I'm excited :)

That is about all the new here on the range..
I will leave y'all with some pictures of our tasty meals we have been having...

Steamed shrimp from Charleston, and home grown Asparagus

BLT sandwich baby!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

a mother bucking time

Sometimes you need a little "girl time"
Originally this weekend we were supposed to head down that road that leads to Walhalla, to trail ride in the mountains...
But, the weather channel said there was 70% chances of thunderstorms, and we heard that the river was up to high to cross.. so we stayed home..
Saturday we got up and decided to go ride with some dear friends of ours down the street.
I went out into the pasture, and decided that since my father's horse (pokey) hasn't been ridden in a while, I was going to take him out for a spin.
Besides, I didn't feel like chasing Miss Priss Maggie Mae down.
So we load up the horses and head down the road.. we meet up with about 15 people.
I put saddle bags on Pokey and packed them up with our lunch and tasty beverages for our trail riding enjoyment...
about 5 minutes into the woods.. pokey gets all pissed off and rears up catches my bra on the saddle horn, rips my bra off.. and I lost it...  I started kicking him and yanking the reins.. he was bucking and I mean a real buck.. malicious retarded get off my back buck.. well.. after I calmed him down I got off and beat the crap out of him... that's unacceptable behavior...
We worked that out.. and then went off on our way.. so..... fast forward about 2 hours.. and he blew up again on me this time violent twisting bucking complete with snorting..  well I got off.. and I lost my composure and beat him like a red headed step child... after our coming to Jesus conversation....  I got back on.. and decided that maybe he just didn't like saddle bags.. so I took those off.. and he was perfect the rest of the ride..
Then I found out that he can jump... So this might be my new project..
This weekend after our relay for life event.  I am picking up my friend and we are headed to a competition in North Carolina.. Her brother and My cowboy are going up there before us on Friday.. and we will follow them up Saturday.
I'm going to use this weekend as a either, I'm going to take this sport serious.. or I'm going back to eventing and jumping...
Oh and I won the NASCAR race pool this weekend!!!!!!  :)
I think we may be going to darlington... I hope so.. I really like racing..
And my homemade tick repellant worked.. because I didn't have any ticks on me :)
Well I guess I better get back to work..

Monday, April 16, 2012

oh bother

So, Friday after I left work, I had to do some errands before we left for the competition..
well My corvette decided that her master cylinder wasn't good anymore.. and the brakes went out..
I was standing on the brakes and rolled right through a stop sign.. thank god no one was coming..
apparently my corvette takes good care of me when she breaks down.. so we coasted to a stop in the parking lot behind bojangles...
I called for help.. and the tow truck/repair guy (who is my patient) said he'd come get the car later..
so After my cowboy rescued me.. I left my car there in the parking lot..
Get back to the ranch.. and We had to chase Maggie around the pasture on the 4-wheeler for about 35-40 minutes...
Then we get loaded up.. and get over to the stupid arena.. for this stupid competition..
so while we are at supper.. with our friends... at the place I hate to eat at....
I get a phone call that evening from my assistant.. and then from the repair man.. He can't find my corvette..
I about had a heart attack... and then he said he was at my office... I was relieved to know he wasn't in the right parking lot..
so he sent me a picture of my car on his truck after he got it..
that scared the crap out of me..
so I'm corvette less here in South Carolina..
This weekend sucked too..  I couldn't shoot for crap.. Maggie.. I love that horse more than anything..
I've been pissed at her.. and hated her and we fought.. but, we are like a match made in heaven..
She takes care of me.. and I love her.. she knows her job.. and she does it well..
The last stage of the match.. Maggie tripped and almost fell face first.. but, she picked herself up and kept me on her back..
I love her.. even if I have to chase her for 35 minutes through the pasture on the 4- wheeler...

Friday, April 13, 2012

pipe dreams

So I've been thinking.. my car is making all kinds of new noises.. lol..
and then I saw a silver corvette for sale at the dealership down the road a piece...
and so I got to thinking about it for the past 2 weeks.. and well I inquired about it real quick.. and they already sold it :( so...... I dunno... I just have a hankerin for a new car...
and I really want to restore my corvette.. because so much stuff is falling apart on the inside.. and all that crap.. I dunno.. I can afford to buy one since my business is doing real good...
It was one of my goals to be able to buy myself a corvette after school.. and I think I just might be there....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Soap making project

Beef is still what's for Dinner over at our ranch.. that's Green Tomatoes Frying in a cornmeal breading and hamburger steak :)

And I had already made deviled eggs out of the colored easter eggs!

anyways..  I thought I got chiggers.. but Apparently I didn't.. I started thinking about everything that would cause uticaria besides chiggers... and I came up with the fact that after I disinfected everything including the dogs.. I still was getting new itchy red spots in random places... well I had the idea that it could be the new soap I just bought... so I stopped using the Aveeno crap and used Dial antibacterial and scrubbed down real good..
and now.. no itching and no new red spots.. so now I'm thinking.. what kind of chemicals do they put in soap?  seriously..

So I have no just purchased 50 dollars worth of soap making crap.. and I'm going to go out on my own.. complete with Sodium Hydroxide.... and essential oils.. I even got silicon molds to pour the soap in..
So as soon as I get all that delivered.. I'll be making a little entry on soap making..

In the long run the stuff isn't that expensive to make it.. I got to looking up recipes in this book that my mother gave me.. "Making it" radical home ec for a post-consumer world.  there is also recipes in there for toothpaste.. just using baking soda... I think baking soda is good for a lot of things..  I might try the baking soda tooth paste tonight..  it did go as far as to tell you how to make your own tooth brush out of old clothes.. but, I kinda like my bristly colgate toothbrush..

None-the-less I'm headed down a making more of my own crap path...
I'll let you know how it works out :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I think this doberdork has fallen in love with me :)

This year is going to be really bad with bugs and ticks.  My father said he already pulled off like 3 of them.

and I have already gotten clobbered with chiggers all over my legs and stomach...
that will teach me from rolling in the clover with my dogs...  But, they do love when I play with them.

I need to get my garden planted.. in a serious way.. it's plowed.. just not cut up enough to plant yet.. :/  I might work on that tonight..
I do have a mess of laundry to catch up on from the weekend trip.
Also speaking of weekends... this weekend starts our rodeo crap back up.
we have a one day competition this weekend..
I'm not that excited.. but, Maybe I will be when I get there :)

Here is a little recipe  for Tick-Repelling Oil
I stole this from a Farmgirl friend..

Tick-Repelling Oil

(for adults, dogs, and children older than 5 - otherwise they recommend using a gentle rose geranium hydrosol)
2 oz. jojoba oil
20 drops geranium essential oil
10 drops lavender essential oil
Combine all ingredients, place in small bottle and label. To use: Before going outdoors, apply this oil to any exposed skin. For dogs, place a few drops on your hands and then gently smooth the oil over the coat. If you prefer spray, substitute 2 oz. of distilled water for the jojoba oil, and place all ingredients in a small spray bottle. Spritz over your hair, clothing and skin. Repeat as necessary. (From The Herb Quarterly Magazine, Summer 2009).

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter :)

First and Foremost.. the Easter bunny came :)
See our cute little basket..  My Father and Mother put this together for us. I need to check the lottery ticket.. just sayin' I could be rich sitting here at work right now..  but, I'll get to that later..
This basket is going to be my new "getting eggs from the chicken coop basket" :)

We got down to Georgia late Friday night.. and Early Saturday Morning My Cowboy and Father went Fishin', So I got up around 7:30 and called my grandmother and asked her if she was up and ready and she was, So I mozied on over to her house..
Now mind you it's like 8am.. and I was sitting at the red light, and I looked over at Zeus and he was just happy as anything to be with me in the truck.. and I looked back at the light.. and it turned green.. WHILE i was looking at it.... and the dude behind me started blowing the horn....
I'm like.. Seriously? .. well yeah he was serious.. so I stayed in the stopped position until he was pissed off enough to go around me..  I blessed his sweet heart as he passed by...  Well we get to My grandmothers house and bring in all the food.. and we got started.. making sauce.. and then cooking Lasagna noodles, laid them out on a towel to dry.. then I assembled the Lasagna.. and once those were done and covered and refrigerated.. we commenced to grilling eggplant.. and I made some awesome Eggplant Rollatini.. :), Got that all situated in the fridge for Sunday.. and My cousins girlfriend came over. and we visited for a few minutes.. and then I went to leave to go back to my parents house.. well as I was trying to leave my grandmothers... I was trying to make a left hand turn onto a pretty busy road.. so I sat through like 3 green lights,, still waiting to make a left hand turn....  well I had, had enough and I pulled out and blocked traffic with my big ole truck.. and some lady sipping a starbucks coffee.. started blowing the horn at me.. ok that's two times in one morning... which is unacceptable.. not to mention she was just laying on the horn... So I rolled down the window.. and stuck my hand out and gave her the 1 fingered wave.. she looked appalled at the fact that I did that.. well she stopped blowing the horn at me.. and I got to finally get through the light. and Got back to my Mom... well we went to town to shop, I got a new pair of levi's and a shirt.. which I'm wearing today.. and a little ceramic owl, and I bought my Cowboy two new shirts... and then we made it back to the house and decided to go out for Mexican food..
Well the waiter asked us where we were from and my cowboy said "texas", and the waiter asked us what the major difference is between Georgia and Texas.. so we elaborated.. Then the waiter asked my cowboy what he did.. and he said "import *wink* Export business"  so the kid says "Tobacco *wink*"
I couldn't believe the waiter.. we were laughing so hard.. then he was like "yall ain't undercover cops are you?" and my father said.."what does this say" and he pulled out his wallet...
That boy about passed out.. I was laughing so hard I almost died... hahahah
I'll tell you what...
Then after the Mexican food fiasco.. I went into Publix to get some Red Man...
and I went to the lottery desk.. and I asked the lady where to buy tobacco.. and she said right here.. so I asked for red man gold... so she came back and she rang it up and it was $5.08, I said.. "holy crap that's highway robbery.. how much???" and she told me again "$5.08" I said "wow, that crap is only $3 where I'm from"  so I gave her the money and she said "good luck" so I stood there for a minute.. and I said "with what.. not getting mouth cancer??" and she looked like a deer in headlights and she said "no, that's not what I meant!" hahahah

I decorated and dyed eggs Saturday night.. and Made Meatballs and sausage and peppers.. and got those ready for the morning..

I had a great time re-living my childhood for Easter.   I ate more chocolate then I could handle.. and I think I went into a sugar coma at one point this weekend..

We had a great meal Sunday afternoon followed up by Cannoli's and Cassada cake :)

Overall it was a great trip..  and I feel guilty about all the food I ate.. which is why I'll have a salad for lunch today.. and I skipped breakfast.. I was still full from easter dinner..

Baby chicks are getting big :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter spirit

Last night I got in the Easter spirit and made some peeps into bird nests with eggs..

I can't wait to eat these jokers... In all their white chocolate covered pretzel goodness... Just sayin'.
Easter is right up there with Halloween.. I'm down with celebrating by eating copious amounts of chocolate and sweets.. Then feeling really guilty about it.. Then eat healthy for a week to compensate and counteract the effects of the said chocolate filled holiday :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A freezer full of beef

We got Ben back from the butcher... 300 lbs of Red meat goodness in my freezer..  86lbs of ground beef :)
But, thanks to a great farmgirl friend, I got a old cookbook entitled "365 ways to eat ground beef".  I have already cracked the seal and started using recipes out of there..
Tonight we are having a pot roast, complete with potatoes, carrots and onions.  It's in the crock-pot as we speak.. Simmering away.
I'm sitting here on my renovated macbook pro... when I say renovated.. I mean.. some little yeller fella wiped my harddrive clean while he was replacing the video card in my computer..
pissed me off to no end.. but, honestly...  there is no reason to cry over spilt milk.. and I didn't make a scene.. there is no use in it.. yelling and pitching a fit was not going to make my documents, pictures or anything come back.. so I took my computer and left..
I lost the wedding pictures, honeymoon pictures... everything.. gone..

So, I have a new doberdork.. he's blue.. and his name is Zeus,  he was the main reason we put the hogwire up around the house..
As you can see he has already made himself at home :)
He's reminding me a lot of Vegas..  This doberman is a warlock, and he is huge already..

So last night I made pickled eggs with beets.
my Cowboy said he wanted some.. so I got to boiling some eggs and all that.. I'm not sure about them.. because I can't see myself liking pickled eggs..
I got two pickle jars from the Cattleman's meeting the other night.. I asked the little old lady that was serving up some yummy country fried steak, if she would give me an old pickle jar they weren't using.. and she gave me two.. :)

 I made 12 eggs, and only filled the jar up half way..
I have also decided that my americana chickens lay eggs that are easier to peel than my buff orpingtons..

I've been watching the military channel a lot.. and I've been watching about WWII and when we dropped the bomb on hiroshima.. and I've been thinking..
we used to be a strong country.. foreigners feared our military and the value of our dollar was high... now.. even canada has a  currency that is worth more than us...
So I'm thinking.. we need to nuke some more countries.. put the fear of America back in the foreigners eyes.. and lower gas prices..

Maybe I should run for president :)
I could see that going over like a fart in church.. too many liberals in the world today.. being weak and having mercy never got me no where..  but, then again.. I am a wolf among the sheep..

If you ever see me being quiet.. It's usually because I am sharing some opinions with myself that you probably don't want to hear...

I've been working on my manners a lot lately..
keeping things to myself...
like the other night I was at a steakhouse with some people, and this young boy says "I didn't go back the way I came in because there were coyotes that way".  Just made me think...
I have more testosterone then him.. and instead of calling him a female cat and making fun of his prissy self... I just looked away and shook my head and quietly laughed to myself...
Now, I, for one.. will shoot my way out of any situation.. like the other day, I was home for lunch and letting the dogs out.. and this fella in a Green pick up truck comes up to the gate.. gets out.. and starts to unlatch the fence.. I come unglued.. my heart was racing.. and I ran out there with a 12 gauge and I was ready to empty it out on him.. when he put his hands up and was like "WAIT! YOU KNOW ME" hahhaha then I did figure out who he was and, he was just coming to pick up some traps he had put out in the back...
Again... I'm a wolf... not prey...
I get real territorial about my surroundings and my crap...

What else has been going on this week.. Nothing...  I've just been enjoying my front porch rocking chair.. :)
in fact I guess that is all that has been going on.. I've been doing a lot of front porch sittin'.. after my chores are done...
speaking of which.. I can't mow the grass because the tires on the lawnmower are flat.. they are getting fixed though...

It's Easter weekend.. and I hope the stupid bunny brings me a easter basket.. It's been a while..  but, maybe he's just pissed off at all those rabbits I've killed and ate over the years...
Speaking of Rabbit, here is a great recipe for Easter..

Coniglio Arrotolato

1/4 pound pancetta, cut into 1/4-inch cubes
1 cup mixed chopped herbs, such as Parsley, mint, basil, rosemary, and thyme
1 (3-pound) rabbit, cleaned and boned, left whole
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Extra-virgin olive oil
1 1/2 cups white wine

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.
In a small frying pan, heat the pancetta over medium-high heat until most of the fat is rendered. Discard the fat and drain the pancetta on paper towels.
In a small bowl, combine the pancetta and herbs and mix well. Season the rabbit, inside and out, with salt and pepper, stuff the herb mixture into the cavity. Truss the legs with butcher's twine. Drizzle the rabbit thoroughly with extra-virgin olive oil and place in a casserole.
Pour the wine over the rabbit and place in the oven. Cook for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours, or until the rabbit is golden brown and juicy. Make sure to baste the rabbit every 15 minutes to keep it from drying out. Serve hot or at room temperature.

But, Remember don-na eat-a tha rabbit in the summer.. its-a got worms.. :)

we've got a good stand of grass so far..