Easter :)

First and Foremost.. the Easter bunny came :)
See our cute little basket..  My Father and Mother put this together for us. I need to check the lottery ticket.. just sayin' I could be rich sitting here at work right now..  but, I'll get to that later..
This basket is going to be my new "getting eggs from the chicken coop basket" :)

We got down to Georgia late Friday night.. and Early Saturday Morning My Cowboy and Father went Fishin', So I got up around 7:30 and called my grandmother and asked her if she was up and ready and she was, So I mozied on over to her house..
Now mind you it's like 8am.. and I was sitting at the red light, and I looked over at Zeus and he was just happy as anything to be with me in the truck.. and I looked back at the light.. and it turned green.. WHILE i was looking at it.... and the dude behind me started blowing the horn....
I'm like.. Seriously? .. well yeah he was serious.. so I stayed in the stopped position until he was pissed off enough to go around me..  I blessed his sweet heart as he passed by...  Well we get to My grandmothers house and bring in all the food.. and we got started.. making sauce.. and then cooking Lasagna noodles, laid them out on a towel to dry.. then I assembled the Lasagna.. and once those were done and covered and refrigerated.. we commenced to grilling eggplant.. and I made some awesome Eggplant Rollatini.. :), Got that all situated in the fridge for Sunday.. and My cousins girlfriend came over. and we visited for a few minutes.. and then I went to leave to go back to my parents house.. well as I was trying to leave my grandmothers... I was trying to make a left hand turn onto a pretty busy road.. so I sat through like 3 green lights,, still waiting to make a left hand turn....  well I had, had enough and I pulled out and blocked traffic with my big ole truck.. and some lady sipping a starbucks coffee.. started blowing the horn at me.. ok that's two times in one morning... which is unacceptable.. not to mention she was just laying on the horn... So I rolled down the window.. and stuck my hand out and gave her the 1 fingered wave.. she looked appalled at the fact that I did that.. well she stopped blowing the horn at me.. and I got to finally get through the light. and Got back to my Mom... well we went to town to shop, I got a new pair of levi's and a shirt.. which I'm wearing today.. and a little ceramic owl, and I bought my Cowboy two new shirts... and then we made it back to the house and decided to go out for Mexican food..
Well the waiter asked us where we were from and my cowboy said "texas", and the waiter asked us what the major difference is between Georgia and Texas.. so we elaborated.. Then the waiter asked my cowboy what he did.. and he said "import *wink* Export business"  so the kid says "Tobacco *wink*"
I couldn't believe the waiter.. we were laughing so hard.. then he was like "yall ain't undercover cops are you?" and my father said.."what does this say" and he pulled out his wallet...
That boy about passed out.. I was laughing so hard I almost died... hahahah
I'll tell you what...
Then after the Mexican food fiasco.. I went into Publix to get some Red Man...
and I went to the lottery desk.. and I asked the lady where to buy tobacco.. and she said right here.. so I asked for red man gold... so she came back and she rang it up and it was $5.08, I said.. "holy crap that's highway robbery.. how much???" and she told me again "$5.08" I said "wow, that crap is only $3 where I'm from"  so I gave her the money and she said "good luck" so I stood there for a minute.. and I said "with what.. not getting mouth cancer??" and she looked like a deer in headlights and she said "no, that's not what I meant!" hahahah

I decorated and dyed eggs Saturday night.. and Made Meatballs and sausage and peppers.. and got those ready for the morning..

I had a great time re-living my childhood for Easter.   I ate more chocolate then I could handle.. and I think I went into a sugar coma at one point this weekend..

We had a great meal Sunday afternoon followed up by Cannoli's and Cassada cake :)

Overall it was a great trip..  and I feel guilty about all the food I ate.. which is why I'll have a salad for lunch today.. and I skipped breakfast.. I was still full from easter dinner..

Baby chicks are getting big :)


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