the join-up

I got to feeling the urge to ride english yesterday, so I saddled up ole pokey (my dad's bucking horse) and tried him out.  We got into the arena, and I walked him around a bit, had to move the saddle and tighten some things.. Then I started trotting him and doing some reining exercises... then I got him into a canter... and Thank God he wasn't doing that stupid western pleasure lope... See Zippo over here used to be a western pleasure horse.. then he crossed over to the normal side.. and became a shooting horse..  Well now I'm trying to make him into my new jumping pony..  Anyways.. back onto the path to the end of this story.. We did some serpentines, 20 meter figure eights and some 10 meter circles.
Then I was feeling like he was doing good and I got some moxy and decided to try to jump him, so i set up a little cavalletti and by god it was only a foot high, but he jumped it.. and he did it a few times.. I was so happy, I must have looked like a retard, because I jumped off and started hugging him and telling him what a good horse he was :)
So I cooled him down and then took the saddle off in the arena, and let him go.. I figured he'd run back to the heard.. nope, he followed me, nuzzling me along the way, all the way back to the gate.. I think he wanted to come with me.  I guess our little coming to Jesus talk this weekend and our workout Monday, must have been our "join-up" moment...  I have high hopes for him... He's a good horse.. you just have to be really stern with him.

Now I need to make Jumps.. I'm excited :)

That is about all the new here on the range..
I will leave y'all with some pictures of our tasty meals we have been having...

Steamed shrimp from Charleston, and home grown Asparagus

BLT sandwich baby!!!


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