a mother bucking time

Sometimes you need a little "girl time"
Originally this weekend we were supposed to head down that road that leads to Walhalla, to trail ride in the mountains...
But, the weather channel said there was 70% chances of thunderstorms, and we heard that the river was up to high to cross.. so we stayed home..
Saturday we got up and decided to go ride with some dear friends of ours down the street.
I went out into the pasture, and decided that since my father's horse (pokey) hasn't been ridden in a while, I was going to take him out for a spin.
Besides, I didn't feel like chasing Miss Priss Maggie Mae down.
So we load up the horses and head down the road.. we meet up with about 15 people.
I put saddle bags on Pokey and packed them up with our lunch and tasty beverages for our trail riding enjoyment...
about 5 minutes into the woods.. pokey gets all pissed off and rears up catches my bra on the saddle horn, rips my bra off.. and I lost it...  I started kicking him and yanking the reins.. he was bucking and I mean a real buck.. malicious retarded get off my back buck.. well.. after I calmed him down I got off and beat the crap out of him... that's unacceptable behavior...
We worked that out.. and then went off on our way.. so..... fast forward about 2 hours.. and he blew up again on me this time violent twisting bucking complete with snorting..  well I got off.. and I lost my composure and beat him like a red headed step child... after our coming to Jesus conversation....  I got back on.. and decided that maybe he just didn't like saddle bags.. so I took those off.. and he was perfect the rest of the ride..
Then I found out that he can jump... So this might be my new project..
This weekend after our relay for life event.  I am picking up my friend and we are headed to a competition in North Carolina.. Her brother and My cowboy are going up there before us on Friday.. and we will follow them up Saturday.
I'm going to use this weekend as a either, I'm going to take this sport serious.. or I'm going back to eventing and jumping...
Oh and I won the NASCAR race pool this weekend!!!!!!  :)
I think we may be going to darlington... I hope so.. I really like racing..
And my homemade tick repellant worked.. because I didn't have any ticks on me :)
Well I guess I better get back to work..


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