oh bother

So, Friday after I left work, I had to do some errands before we left for the competition..
well My corvette decided that her master cylinder wasn't good anymore.. and the brakes went out..
I was standing on the brakes and rolled right through a stop sign.. thank god no one was coming..
apparently my corvette takes good care of me when she breaks down.. so we coasted to a stop in the parking lot behind bojangles...
I called for help.. and the tow truck/repair guy (who is my patient) said he'd come get the car later..
so After my cowboy rescued me.. I left my car there in the parking lot..
Get back to the ranch.. and We had to chase Maggie around the pasture on the 4-wheeler for about 35-40 minutes...
Then we get loaded up.. and get over to the stupid arena.. for this stupid competition..
so while we are at supper.. with our friends... at the place I hate to eat at....
I get a phone call that evening from my assistant.. and then from the repair man.. He can't find my corvette..
I about had a heart attack... and then he said he was at my office... I was relieved to know he wasn't in the right parking lot..
so he sent me a picture of my car on his truck after he got it..
that scared the crap out of me..
so I'm corvette less here in South Carolina..
This weekend sucked too..  I couldn't shoot for crap.. Maggie.. I love that horse more than anything..
I've been pissed at her.. and hated her and we fought.. but, we are like a match made in heaven..
She takes care of me.. and I love her.. she knows her job.. and she does it well..
The last stage of the match.. Maggie tripped and almost fell face first.. but, she picked herself up and kept me on her back..
I love her.. even if I have to chase her for 35 minutes through the pasture on the 4- wheeler...


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