a sick chicky poo

This is what I look out at every morning :)
I just realized there is a leaf stuck to the screen, but there is the round pen and the garden :)
and too the left is where I'm going to fence in with hog wire, and put the sheep.. yes, I am getting sheep.... I've been wanting them for a while, I just need to just do it.. and get them...
Relay for life is this Friday, so Tonight I will be baking up a storm of cookies to sell in the booth.. and I need to pressure wash the bloomer horse trailer and get that ready.  I think I'm going to have to skip the cattleman's meeting tonight..

last night, I was doing my nightly hanging out the girls in the chicky poo cafe' and I noticed that one of the babies I got looked weird.. so I picked him up and he felt like he was full of air.. so I'm puzzled about this.. so I get to pushing on him and lifting his wing up and he's got air inbetween the crop and the skin and all down to his abdomen and I have no idea what this is..
So I get on my phone and try to come up with an idea of what this may be.. and the only thing I can come up with is airsacculitis?  So reading the web page about it.. it says I need to pierce him with a needle.. poor little fella... they are old enough now that I am checking the size of their legs to see what they are..
someone told me that the thicker the legs, they are roosters... but, let me tell you what...that didn't work with the americana's.. I'm just saying.. so what i've deducted is I have 2 roosters and 4 hens..
Would have had 2 more, but I can't remember if I wrote about the fact my babies got out or not.. and I couldn't find two of them, well then Maya found two of them and pinned them so I could get them.
So Maybe she bit him or something... I have no idea...
I'm going to get him some antibiotics today at the mill.. I'll doctor him this week.


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