Soap making project

Beef is still what's for Dinner over at our ranch.. that's Green Tomatoes Frying in a cornmeal breading and hamburger steak :)

And I had already made deviled eggs out of the colored easter eggs!

anyways..  I thought I got chiggers.. but Apparently I didn't.. I started thinking about everything that would cause uticaria besides chiggers... and I came up with the fact that after I disinfected everything including the dogs.. I still was getting new itchy red spots in random places... well I had the idea that it could be the new soap I just bought... so I stopped using the Aveeno crap and used Dial antibacterial and scrubbed down real good..
and now.. no itching and no new red spots.. so now I'm thinking.. what kind of chemicals do they put in soap?  seriously..

So I have no just purchased 50 dollars worth of soap making crap.. and I'm going to go out on my own.. complete with Sodium Hydroxide.... and essential oils.. I even got silicon molds to pour the soap in..
So as soon as I get all that delivered.. I'll be making a little entry on soap making..

In the long run the stuff isn't that expensive to make it.. I got to looking up recipes in this book that my mother gave me.. "Making it" radical home ec for a post-consumer world.  there is also recipes in there for toothpaste.. just using baking soda... I think baking soda is good for a lot of things..  I might try the baking soda tooth paste tonight..  it did go as far as to tell you how to make your own tooth brush out of old clothes.. but, I kinda like my bristly colgate toothbrush..

None-the-less I'm headed down a making more of my own crap path...
I'll let you know how it works out :)


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