Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend

Sioux and I in the Oconee River
This weekend, we went to Warwoman Creek to trail ride with about 11 of our friends.
We usually go to walhalla but this time we went to the Georgia side of things... First thing the GPS got us lost tried to make us take the truck and trailer through the river haha.. so we had to back up a dirt road and turn around.. then I got out the old faithful rand Mcnally map and got us where we needed to go.
We got there right at dark, so  we quickly got Sioux off the trailer and pulled out the awning, set up the grill and fired us up some sausages.

We had to wait until about 2am for our good friends Dianne and Darren to get there.  They also had My Cowboy's new horse with them..  This is the horse we bought over the phone while we were in West Virginia, waaaaaay back in January.  Darren had been breaking her in for Clint.

They finally got there, and we got them unloaded and all set up.. and we all sat around the campfire for a while, then turned in so we could all ride in the morning.

Banjo, My Cowboy's New horse!
Well Here we are on the Georgia side of things.. going through these trails that REALLY needed to be bush hogged and Cleared...  and some of the trails were a bit iffy....   Like this one part where poor lil Sioux was pulling as hard as she could up hill and slipping back down...
We gave the horses a break after that feat..
after that trail ride, we all sat around the campfire and ate again.. and then had a big time telling stories and joking around.. watching the menfolk get tuned in!
The next day, I voted we headed to the South Carolina side of things, where the trails were nice and relaxing.. like Earl's ford and the River :)
And that is exactly where we headed.. Then we hung out in the river for a while, at least an hour watched the people fish and swim, Sioux stopped dead in the middle of the river and stood there for a while..
Then we headed back out.. and one part of the trail goes back into the river for a second.. and that is where sioux got dunked.. hahahah.. She got her foot hung inbetween some rocks and down she went.. I got pretty wet and when we came back up I was laughing so hard.. Sioux just stood there.. her ears were pinned back and she was grunting.. I just know that if she could talk.. something along the lines of *#&$@*&#$*& would have came out.. hahahah..
Then when she was ready she walked on, snorting and pretty ticked off..
The poor girl was brooding about it for a while.. her ears were just pinned back and she had her head hanging down low... and I couldn't stop laughing she was just so pissed it was funny...  I got to thinking.. was she mad that she dunked or that she let me down by dunking me with her?
I petted her and told her she was awesome and had exceeded my expectations this weekend...
Well.. that was 'bout the  main thing that happened...
we had a big time, with great friends and great horses.. I wouldn't have wanted to spend this memorial holiday any other way.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ranch Sorting again

This weekend our Competition got canceled.. due to the club runners error.
not that I really cared because I'm sick of competing.. but, Saturday night we went to go sort some cows.

 We did good with that, we placed 2nd.. I just don't really like horse people.

In fact, I'm in people overload.. I need a break, I'm going, going, going all the time.. and I'm sick of it..

I'm tired and I want a vacation... but, I can't take one because I am so behind at the house there is all kinds of crap that needs to be done.. and I feel like I'm never at home.. and I hate this feeling..

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No stop signs, speed limit...

First of all.. I have to say.. Last night I was so excited I may have peed a little.. haha..
no Seriously y'all..
All those years I spent in medical school... being harassed by teachers that never could make it in the real world.. and filling in all those little bubbles in a scantron.. all completely paid off last night...
I had been feeling this itch for a new car.. remember?  just before my dear corvette decided to roll through a stop sign.. .. well.. I've been looking around.. and getting prices.. and researching the C5's etc...
I came across this Corvette at a nice price in North Carolina...  So I called up yesterday and asked some questions etc..... so I told the guy well just for the hell of it.. lets see if I can get financed...
after faxing crap back and forth all day.... by god.. I had a 6.8% interest rate and all I needed was a corvette to drive....
So I left the clinic about 30 minutes early and my dear cowboy drove me all the way to North Carolina to this dealership to look at this car...
well we took it for a test drive.. and when I say took it for a test drive... I floored that son of a gun out of the parking lot.. and she hit second gear and we were GONE.. my head got thrown back into the headrest.. and holy crap all I felt was adrenaline and the biggest smile ever crept up my face....
Well, then my cowboy wanted to drive it.. and he drove the snot out of it.. and we brought it back to the dealer.. and started going through it with a fine tooth comb... I went over everything with the guy.. and we played good cop bad cop.. and then I found out some info about the car.. and we just put that in his face... like the rims aren't corvette factory rims.. and it's got some aftermarket radio in it.... and we got the guy down about 8 grand from what the car is worth on kelly blue book....
so I told him I'd take the car.. and for the first time in my life.. I signed my name on a car loan.. all by my lonesome.. No co-signer no nothing..  and what do I have to show for it?????
The second to last thing has been checked off of my bucket list.....
I bought myself my own corvette... my own spanking brand new shiny little red corvette... I put the downpayment on it.. and I will make the payments every month...
I'm so proud of myself I can't even explain... it's like knowing you have arrived...
I have everything I have ever wanted.. an amazing husband, a dream farm, 2 CORVETTES, wonderful parents and a horse that takes care of me.. what more could you ask for?
I am truly blessed...
I haven't been able to sleep all night.. I was so excited about this car.. it wasn't even funny...

there is the two Corvettes parked next to each other...

Now, my dear corvette (the stingray) will now go into that garage and be renovated... slowly but surely I'll get her done.. and I've decided I'll drive her Wednesdays and Fridays :)

what you can't see in that picture is the sign that says Corvette parking only :)

now you can see me ride off in the sunset.. and my unicorns are crapping rainbows.. hahah

I'm a happy happy girl!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Maggie Valley

Eric and Sharyl
Friday after work we all headed up to North Carolina, for the Thunder in the smokies bike rally..
I was a little nervous getting on the highway as we started off.  There is something about being on two wheels in a world full of non-driving texting jerks that just kinda doesn't sit easy on your heart..
I must have went through a thousand ways to die in my head..  I looked over and saw a hubcap on some p.o.s. car that looked like it was loose.. I thought.. wow.. if that comes loose it could hit me and slit my jugular vein and I'd bleed out..
passing tractor trailers.. I start to think.. yeah.... a big gust of wind can come and pull the bike under there and he could run me over and i'd be able to see him shifting gears and not knowing I was behind him... and not to mention..... We passed a stock trailer with horses on it... and I started thinking.. man.. if that horse pees we are screwed... hahahah.. any ways..

We made it to North Carolina and into the mountains and I seemed to be alright, we stopped at the rest area on 40, and that was a much needed break.  Maggie valley is only about 2 hours from us.. but after about 100 miles, I needed to circulate the blood in my butt for a little while..

we sat at a picnic table and had some soda out of the machine and chit-chatted for a bit.. and then Sharyl explained to me that my phone would sync up to this headset I was wearing in my helmet and that I could listen to music.. so I got that all squared away.. and when we got back on the bikes, I was good to go..  I had AC/DC and my country.. and all was right in the world with me..

Finally we started seeing the Signs for the Valley.. and I was singing pretty loud to music that only I could hear.. hahah
Eric had put the address for the Cabin we were staying in, into his GPS on his phone.. and we were cruising down soco road.. and his GPS told him to turn right, and we turned right into the fairgrounds where the rally was... so we were all looking at each other.. and then I saw the sign for the cabin.. we lucked out.. the cabin was directly behind the bike rally.  walking distance from our front door of the cabin.. was the fence around the fair grounds..

We were all pretty happy about that.. we got all unpacked and settled into the cabin.. and decided that our stomachs were gnawing on our backbones.. So we called our other friends that we were meeting Eric and Nancy and met up with them.
we went to some steak house... Let me explain this...
their steak was not as good as the beef we have raised on our ranch..  but, the company was great so it really didn't matter..
Eric, Clint, Me, Eric Sharyl, Nancy

After we finished eating, we cruised on back over to the rally..  and boy oh boy was that a sight..

Bikes everywhere..  I kinda liked this rally more than the Daytona one.
This one was smaller and the people were not trashy.  In fact.. the only thing that I saw that was worth taking a picture of.. was some dude with a mullet who had drank enough idiot oil to drown a small town was getting thrown out by the bouncers.. and he had no shirt on and he was sporting his plumber's crack..

but, other than that.. everyone I met was really nice..

Me, Clint, Eric and Sharyl at the Rally

The next day, we got up and my Cowboy and I fixed breakfast, and we headed out to meet Eric and Nancy.  Eric had mapped us out this awesome bike trip through the smokies and onto the blue ridge parkway... it was pretty cool when I was reading about it..
but, once we all got going.. it was awesome..  we went through tunnels where we revved our engines and I screamed like a banshie woman and we stopped at a look out, and met some people from england.. holy moly they were funny.

They were asking about our bikes and what we do for a living, and we were talking about guns and crime... and I'll say... England must be a pretty safe place.. because they were shocked at how many guns we all had between us.. hahah

It was pretty cold up in them mountains to start off with.

We saw one guy who wrecked his bike on this sharp curve.. and we were getting tailgated by some guy in a mercedes.. so I turned around..  gave him my best evil eye and then when we made eye contact.. I realized.. he wasn't even an America... so I started to yell.. but, my cowboy told me to calm down.. so I just turned around and showed him how he was number one, right here in America..
He backed off after that...

We made it into Gatlinburg, Which I haven't been there in a coon's age.. and holy my goodness did that place change.. there was crap everywhere.. and the old places I remember I couldn't find.. It was nuts..
We had lunch at some place called Calhouns.. it was pretty darn good.

Then we set off to look around gatlinburg, and My inner fat girl was screaming for some fudge.. so we needed to find ourselves some fudge..
On our mission we came across this heavenly sign...  so of course we veered over to that direction... 

I found myself in some wine tasting venue.. sampled their variety and decided I didn't really like what they had to offer.. they had crap like pineapple muscadine wine and crap.. I told the fella that I was Italian and I liked my wine dry and red.
but, I did buy this shirt.. I thought it was cute..

We stood around and listened to a bluegrass band.. they were pretty darn good.  I love me some bluegrass.. Reminds me of old times with my grandparents in pigeon forge.

We left shortly after My Cowboy got into a little altercation with this big guy... He claimed "he was just minding his own business like a cowboy does....."

We got back on our bikes and headed towards Clingman's Dome..


I think that was my favorite part of the ride we took.  The road was nice it was curvy but not too bad... we decided when we got to the top that we should walk all the way up to the top...
That was a crazy idea.. do you know how thin the air gets up there??
we were all huffing and puffing.. so we all decided to sit down and take a break...
My cowboy was telling people "it's not fair we are walking up and y'all are walking down.. we are going the wrong way"

Then some chinese kids passed by and I said.. there is a bear up there.. ahahha I don't think they knew what I said.. but, I was laughing about it..

My cowboy Rock Climbing

View from Clingman's Dome

Another View from Clingman's Dome

We made it back to Maggie Valley in enough time to catch the Derby at the sports bar.. so we ate wings and watched the derby, then Decided to head back to the bike rally and watch the Confederate Railroad.

Sunday we got up and headed towards Cherokee.  Again, I haven't been there in ages.. and lord have mercy has it changed..  there is casino's and a whole bunch of foreigners with shops there.. I was kinda disappointed at how exploited it got..  but, This has been the best weekend I have had in a long time..
I really enjoyed it :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

N. Carolina and Bust....

After the relay for Life bake sale.. I woke up early to head on over to the great state of North Carolina...
I got up, showered, dressed and loaded my horse on the trailer all in 30 minutes :)
I headed over to my friends house to pick her, her horse and her baby up...
We got on the road by 6:30 and were at the arena, with horses unloaded by 8:30... I was making some tracks..
The night before, I baked about 8 dozen cookies to take to sell at Relay for life, and then chased my stupid horse around the pasture on foot for like 45 minutes.. then when that didn't work... I went and got the 4-wheeler and chased her around for like another 20 minutes, until she finally decided that I won the battle... so I stuck her in the round pen for easy catching.. or so I thought.... the wench took her halter off while she was there over night and I had to look around for it in the dark until I fell over the darn thing..
Anyways... this weekend was a bust for me.. I don't like the guns that I won, and I think I'll go back to using my rugers..
Maggie sleeping after Saturday's competition
I did however have a "I'm about to hit the panic button moment"  On the last run of the Day.. I bet my friend Rene' on raw times.. and I got too hootin' and hollerin' and screaming my usual woohoo.. and Maggie dashed off the timer line.. and bam... I had no steering column.... my stupid reins broke.. so here I am.. guns blaring shooting in the air.. and I had one direction to go... to the right...
Well, I put the gun up and I was thinking to myself "should I bail.. or should I ride this out"  well Maggie got the drift something was up and she started trotting in a circle.. and I grabbed her mane and I was saying "Maggie... Maggie listen.. you need to walk.. whooooa maggie..." and by god.. she stopped and got on the rail and walked over to the range master at the end of the arena.. and she tied my rein back on the bit.. and I walked out of the arena...
that right there... is the bestest friend I have ever had.  Maggie could have went hog wild.. and I've seen her do that crap before.. but, right then and there, I knew she looks out for me. I love that horse dearly.
And I used to think that there was no other horse in the world for me but my Romeo.  But Maggie, I love her in a whole different way.  She is just amazing to me...

In other news... My garden has finally broke through the ground..  I got so excited yesterday when I went out to water everything... I'm about out of my stockpile of veggies and jams that were canned last year.. so I'm eager to start on this all again :)

I also found out this weekend that, my dad's horse, Pokey used to jump 3.5' jumps.. I'm excited about that..
I guess that is all for now..