Memorial Weekend

Sioux and I in the Oconee River
This weekend, we went to Warwoman Creek to trail ride with about 11 of our friends.
We usually go to walhalla but this time we went to the Georgia side of things... First thing the GPS got us lost tried to make us take the truck and trailer through the river haha.. so we had to back up a dirt road and turn around.. then I got out the old faithful rand Mcnally map and got us where we needed to go.
We got there right at dark, so  we quickly got Sioux off the trailer and pulled out the awning, set up the grill and fired us up some sausages.

We had to wait until about 2am for our good friends Dianne and Darren to get there.  They also had My Cowboy's new horse with them..  This is the horse we bought over the phone while we were in West Virginia, waaaaaay back in January.  Darren had been breaking her in for Clint.

They finally got there, and we got them unloaded and all set up.. and we all sat around the campfire for a while, then turned in so we could all ride in the morning.

Banjo, My Cowboy's New horse!
Well Here we are on the Georgia side of things.. going through these trails that REALLY needed to be bush hogged and Cleared...  and some of the trails were a bit iffy....   Like this one part where poor lil Sioux was pulling as hard as she could up hill and slipping back down...
We gave the horses a break after that feat..
after that trail ride, we all sat around the campfire and ate again.. and then had a big time telling stories and joking around.. watching the menfolk get tuned in!
The next day, I voted we headed to the South Carolina side of things, where the trails were nice and relaxing.. like Earl's ford and the River :)
And that is exactly where we headed.. Then we hung out in the river for a while, at least an hour watched the people fish and swim, Sioux stopped dead in the middle of the river and stood there for a while..
Then we headed back out.. and one part of the trail goes back into the river for a second.. and that is where sioux got dunked.. hahahah.. She got her foot hung inbetween some rocks and down she went.. I got pretty wet and when we came back up I was laughing so hard.. Sioux just stood there.. her ears were pinned back and she was grunting.. I just know that if she could talk.. something along the lines of *#&$@*&#$*& would have came out.. hahahah..
Then when she was ready she walked on, snorting and pretty ticked off..
The poor girl was brooding about it for a while.. her ears were just pinned back and she had her head hanging down low... and I couldn't stop laughing she was just so pissed it was funny...  I got to thinking.. was she mad that she dunked or that she let me down by dunking me with her?
I petted her and told her she was awesome and had exceeded my expectations this weekend...
Well.. that was 'bout the  main thing that happened...
we had a big time, with great friends and great horses.. I wouldn't have wanted to spend this memorial holiday any other way.


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