Friday, June 15, 2012


Yesterday was one of those Crappy days..
yesterday was exactly 30 days from when I purchased my new corvette.......... and guess what?  I had no tag in the mail.  So I called the  local DMV and asked them about the vin number, they had no record of it.  So I called the dealer.. AGAIN.. and asked to speak with anyone who knew anything about the tags.. and I got this fella named Jason.. Well.. he said he looked it up and it says "at the dmv"  so he said "you should get it any day now"  So I said "well what about the fact that the 30 day temporary tag is expired?" he says "oh you can drive around on that, just show the cops your bill of sale".  I said "no, no that's not right" and he started laughing at me and told me I was making a big deal out of nothing.. and I said I'll just call the sheriff's office and verify that.. well he started laughing even harder and hung up the phone....
I was mad.. I mean mad-er than hell... So I called up the NC dmv.. and asked to speak with someone so I can complain.. and I got to an investigator.. he looked up the vin number of my vette and said, hmm it's still registered to the previous owner...  So I filed a formal complaint and he said he was going to go on down there, and have them send the papers in, meanwhile I needed to get a temporary tag from sc... and that is what I did.. the lady at the dmv, was real nice.. and told me she'd look into this whole ordeal, and gave me a 45 day tag, which only gave me 15 more days..  Anyways.. I'm driving my old faithful stingray vette today...
I'm going to lodge a complaint with the better business bureau today in fact...
piss me off and see what happens.... hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn.... and I believe I'm a scorned woman...
When I got home from work... I ran straight to the bathroom and found the toilet paper roll empty.. Damn... you know you don't notice this kind of thing when all you're thinking about is your bladder exploding.. ya know... so damn...
Little Jay is doing great... he's starting to have some personality.. in fact he's sitting on my shoulder right now :) we are off to a competition this weekend.. and there is going to be a wedding.. so I'm going to see a whole bunch of jerks I don't like...  I did however make the wedding cake last night and 150 vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for the bride.. that's all for now..

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

this week is dragging on

My little Blue Jay friend, Jay, has become quite the little buddy.  Yesterday throughout seeing patients, about every 45 minutes I'd hear this little bird, get louder and louder and louder waiting on me to come feed him.  he's really liking this dog food stuff.. and last night, he sat on my shoulder while I was washing dishes.. and he actually snuggled with me on the recliner after supper.  we both fell asleep.. then I woke up.. I had maya on my lap and him all sleeping practically on my chest.  So I got up and put him in his little bucket.  I woke him up this morning, he opened his little eyes slowly then they about popped out of his head, and he opened his mouth and started squaking for food.  It was adorable.  he's not sleeping on my desk right next to the computer.. 
Last night I figured as soon as I went home, since there was a break in the rain, I'd quickly put on some breeches and get to riding the warmblood.   Well, I get out there... NO ONE would come to me... it was like all of them ran.  Even Pokey my dads horse... and of corse Maggie was high tailing it.  She's a lost cause without a four wheeler...  I was so mad I could have spit fire..  but, it was one or two things, either they all knew I was in a bad mood from earlier.. or they all knew the rain storm that was moving it.. because no sooner did I tell all the horses where to go.. I walked back to my garden and I got to looking around in there and this huge storm blew in.. I mean it was nasty.. thunder and lightning, it was rolling fast...  we got over 5 inches of rain this week so far... the sun was actually out today, and I'm thankful for that... don't get me wrong.. we need the rain.. but, we also have about 30 acres of hay to cut and bale.. and I'd like to get that done... 

Last night, I made Zucchini rollatini.. but, instead of using ricotta, I used goat cheese...  that stuff was awesome... We had an all vegetable platter last night,  I forgot to take some meat out of the freezer before I left for work yesterday morning... 
I need to get in the garden and pick up whatever else is ready to harvest..  and at some point I need to start canning my squash and zucchini.. as well as make some zucchini bread!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Those little nimble musicians of the air

Look what we have found.. a baby blue jay.
My Cowboy found him, when I was putting the warmblood horse back in the pasture, we looked around for a mother and a nest, but did not see one.  He found it next to the horse trailer, so I'm not sure where he comes from.  I found him a worm.. and I don't think he liked it very much, so after a little research this morning I found out that they eat puppy chow, that is moistened in water.  So off I went to the grocery store before work.  and I got him some puppy chow, and a little container so I could soak it in water.
He seems to really like it, because like clock work, every thirty minutes, he starts screaming until I give him 2-3 pieces and then he cuddles up in his little nest I made him and he goes to sleep... I've though long and hard on his name.. and it's Jay.. haha.. unless little Jay turns out to be a girl, then I reckon she'll be named Jaysonfina.  hahah
I hope he survives, he's a fledgling, so I think his chances are good.
News on the warmblood mare.  I worked her in the round pen last night, we worked on respect, and trusting me, then I tried to sack her out and she moved past her fear of garbage back and sacks really quickly, then we headed onto de-cowboy hat-ing her.  because apparently she is afraid of cowboy hats, well not anymore.  I think we did really well in our join up.  She took to me really quickly.  And my cowboy says I need to take a lesson on her before I decide to keep her or not.. So I found a hunter/jumper farm about an hour away.. and let me tell you what, it is the only one around for MILES, So next Tuesday at 6:30 I have to be there for my "lesson".  I feel silly about taking lessons.. but, it has been years since I've ridden english, let alone jumped standards.. so I probably need some pointers and all that jazz.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Winner winner chicken dinner..

This weekend I went to the Queen City Horse show... and let me tell you what..
I had a great time, I haven't jumped in 10 years or so.. and I was scared to death to fall...  but, apparently.. I didn't loose much of my form at all...
I had so much fun it wasn't even funny..

I was so nervous Friday night I didn't sleep at all.. I kept waking up dreaming I was jumping.. It was crazy.

So I started out on this really nice thoroughbred horse named Tiny Tim,  he was anything but tiny.
Friday night at practice him and I had a little bobble, and I almost fell off, but I completely saved myself from falling.  He like bunny hopped a jump and I lost my stirrup and I had one of those "oh crap" moments.. but, all was well.
Saturday comes, and I woke up all bright and early and got dressed, and headed back down to the stalls to see what was going on..
 I won all kinds of stuff.  I was so excited :)
I haven't had this much fun on a horse in a long long time.
Rodeo is fun and all, but, there is nothing like jumping.
I found a horse.. I took her home to try her out..
and I was going to ride yesterday but, it rained all day long.
It is supposed to be raining all week.  but, I'm going to try to ride her anyways.

Everyone was telling me about this horse and how much horse she was and most people don't like to ride her.. and all this stuff about her.. Kinda got me nervous about trying her out.. but, once I got on her.. and tried out a jump.... that was it... I was hooked.. she reminded me of my Romeo... the way she charged to the jump and was just like are you ready? we are going? you better hold on....  that is the way Romeo was..  Romeo was a belgian quarter horse cross.. and this one is a clydesdale thoroughbred cross... so they are not to different from each other..  but, after the end of the week, I'll know if I'm going to keep her or not..  here are some pictures of her..
my first time on her

My cowboy resting at the show

after I got her home and took her off the trailer look how big she is

Friday, June 8, 2012


And how is this for the first picking of veggies :)

Show day

I went out to the barn to make sure everyone has water and plenty of hay for tonight.. We are off to watch me either make a fool of myself show jumping tomorrow or figure it's just like rising a bike :)
But while I was out here in the barn.. Look how big my stormy colt has gotten..
Well y'all I'm off to Georgia to see of I can still jump ponies over standards after 10 years or not..
Hey y'all watch this comes to mind.. Hahah

Thursday, June 7, 2012

same ole..

Same ole stuff going on around here..
except. I am going to a schooling show this weekend.  I haven't jumped in like 10 years... and I'm sick to death of competing with these people I have been competing with..  It might be time for a change.

Speaking of change...  People go to college to grow up and become adults... To get a job and learn about the value of a dollar... To change into who they are.

And speaking of jobs.. I miss being a ranch wife..
I miss baking cakes, cooking and canning.
I do not really like the lack of spare time I used to have.. but, stuff changes I guess...
I feel like I need more home time.. more me time.. more food preparation time.  Once I used to dream of playing the piano at carnegie hall... Now I dream of being able to have time to make bread and cook, maybe have a minute to relax to myself without having to rush to do crap.
And speaking of cooking and food.. I made my own little version of a mexican dish the other night.. and it came out quite tasty..