same ole..

Same ole stuff going on around here..
except. I am going to a schooling show this weekend.  I haven't jumped in like 10 years... and I'm sick to death of competing with these people I have been competing with..  It might be time for a change.

Speaking of change...  People go to college to grow up and become adults... To get a job and learn about the value of a dollar... To change into who they are.

And speaking of jobs.. I miss being a ranch wife..
I miss baking cakes, cooking and canning.
I do not really like the lack of spare time I used to have.. but, stuff changes I guess...
I feel like I need more home time.. more me time.. more food preparation time.  Once I used to dream of playing the piano at carnegie hall... Now I dream of being able to have time to make bread and cook, maybe have a minute to relax to myself without having to rush to do crap.
And speaking of cooking and food.. I made my own little version of a mexican dish the other night.. and it came out quite tasty..


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