this week is dragging on

My little Blue Jay friend, Jay, has become quite the little buddy.  Yesterday throughout seeing patients, about every 45 minutes I'd hear this little bird, get louder and louder and louder waiting on me to come feed him.  he's really liking this dog food stuff.. and last night, he sat on my shoulder while I was washing dishes.. and he actually snuggled with me on the recliner after supper.  we both fell asleep.. then I woke up.. I had maya on my lap and him all sleeping practically on my chest.  So I got up and put him in his little bucket.  I woke him up this morning, he opened his little eyes slowly then they about popped out of his head, and he opened his mouth and started squaking for food.  It was adorable.  he's not sleeping on my desk right next to the computer.. 
Last night I figured as soon as I went home, since there was a break in the rain, I'd quickly put on some breeches and get to riding the warmblood.   Well, I get out there... NO ONE would come to me... it was like all of them ran.  Even Pokey my dads horse... and of corse Maggie was high tailing it.  She's a lost cause without a four wheeler...  I was so mad I could have spit fire..  but, it was one or two things, either they all knew I was in a bad mood from earlier.. or they all knew the rain storm that was moving it.. because no sooner did I tell all the horses where to go.. I walked back to my garden and I got to looking around in there and this huge storm blew in.. I mean it was nasty.. thunder and lightning, it was rolling fast...  we got over 5 inches of rain this week so far... the sun was actually out today, and I'm thankful for that... don't get me wrong.. we need the rain.. but, we also have about 30 acres of hay to cut and bale.. and I'd like to get that done... 

Last night, I made Zucchini rollatini.. but, instead of using ricotta, I used goat cheese...  that stuff was awesome... We had an all vegetable platter last night,  I forgot to take some meat out of the freezer before I left for work yesterday morning... 
I need to get in the garden and pick up whatever else is ready to harvest..  and at some point I need to start canning my squash and zucchini.. as well as make some zucchini bread!


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