Those little nimble musicians of the air

Look what we have found.. a baby blue jay.
My Cowboy found him, when I was putting the warmblood horse back in the pasture, we looked around for a mother and a nest, but did not see one.  He found it next to the horse trailer, so I'm not sure where he comes from.  I found him a worm.. and I don't think he liked it very much, so after a little research this morning I found out that they eat puppy chow, that is moistened in water.  So off I went to the grocery store before work.  and I got him some puppy chow, and a little container so I could soak it in water.
He seems to really like it, because like clock work, every thirty minutes, he starts screaming until I give him 2-3 pieces and then he cuddles up in his little nest I made him and he goes to sleep... I've though long and hard on his name.. and it's Jay.. haha.. unless little Jay turns out to be a girl, then I reckon she'll be named Jaysonfina.  hahah
I hope he survives, he's a fledgling, so I think his chances are good.
News on the warmblood mare.  I worked her in the round pen last night, we worked on respect, and trusting me, then I tried to sack her out and she moved past her fear of garbage back and sacks really quickly, then we headed onto de-cowboy hat-ing her.  because apparently she is afraid of cowboy hats, well not anymore.  I think we did really well in our join up.  She took to me really quickly.  And my cowboy says I need to take a lesson on her before I decide to keep her or not.. So I found a hunter/jumper farm about an hour away.. and let me tell you what, it is the only one around for MILES, So next Tuesday at 6:30 I have to be there for my "lesson".  I feel silly about taking lessons.. but, it has been years since I've ridden english, let alone jumped standards.. so I probably need some pointers and all that jazz.


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