Winner winner chicken dinner..

This weekend I went to the Queen City Horse show... and let me tell you what..
I had a great time, I haven't jumped in 10 years or so.. and I was scared to death to fall...  but, apparently.. I didn't loose much of my form at all...
I had so much fun it wasn't even funny..

I was so nervous Friday night I didn't sleep at all.. I kept waking up dreaming I was jumping.. It was crazy.

So I started out on this really nice thoroughbred horse named Tiny Tim,  he was anything but tiny.
Friday night at practice him and I had a little bobble, and I almost fell off, but I completely saved myself from falling.  He like bunny hopped a jump and I lost my stirrup and I had one of those "oh crap" moments.. but, all was well.
Saturday comes, and I woke up all bright and early and got dressed, and headed back down to the stalls to see what was going on..
 I won all kinds of stuff.  I was so excited :)
I haven't had this much fun on a horse in a long long time.
Rodeo is fun and all, but, there is nothing like jumping.
I found a horse.. I took her home to try her out..
and I was going to ride yesterday but, it rained all day long.
It is supposed to be raining all week.  but, I'm going to try to ride her anyways.

Everyone was telling me about this horse and how much horse she was and most people don't like to ride her.. and all this stuff about her.. Kinda got me nervous about trying her out.. but, once I got on her.. and tried out a jump.... that was it... I was hooked.. she reminded me of my Romeo... the way she charged to the jump and was just like are you ready? we are going? you better hold on....  that is the way Romeo was..  Romeo was a belgian quarter horse cross.. and this one is a clydesdale thoroughbred cross... so they are not to different from each other..  but, after the end of the week, I'll know if I'm going to keep her or not..  here are some pictures of her..
my first time on her

My cowboy resting at the show

after I got her home and took her off the trailer look how big she is


  1. You look awesome. Great form on that jump too. I say keep it up girl


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