Monday, July 30, 2012

Wonderful Weekend at Home

 My Cowboy calls this place "the zoo" and yes, We have chickens running around the yard and a free range pig.. haha..
but, I love our zoo.

Anyways.. we were supposed to go to North Carolina for a competition, but we had  bunch of junk come up and decided not to go..

Good thing, though, because we started to build out a pole barn and turn it into a horse barn.

we had a couple of hired hands come over and help us get things started.

we worked on that all day, Sunday.  Tonight we are going to put up the rest of the stall walls, and build the stall doors.  I'm excited.. I LOVE barns :)

Not a lot happened this weekend but I took a few pictures..

Some of the horses checking out our work.. making sure it's ok.
Zeus jumping up on the bed in the morning to wish me a good morning and get in his morning cuddle session

Dinner....  Shrimp, hot italian sausage and a gumbo mixture

Jay Bird, flying around the house like a nut, his usual morning habit

Maya the Farm Dog, She loves her tractor time

I caught Hammy Sleeping on the job...

I just thought this was a pretty picture..

One of our hired hands puppy.  She was adorable.. and apparently liked being a farm dog..

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shop Smart.

I went grocery shopping yesterday..
I saved $42.80..  I'd call that smart shopping :)
And I have enough food for like 3 weeks.. 
Us country people can survive..

Well I started off my new hours at the clinic on Wednesday and after 12 I was done for the day :)
So I went shopping then came home and decided to piddle around the house and do some other crap that needed to be done.. like..  Give Kismet a Bath..
I washed and conditioned her braided her tail, and got to looking at her mane... it's a mess... I need to pull it.. and start showing her..  We made a lot of progress with her last night at my lesson, she was bending and flexing and got nice and soft..
I'm going to ride her again tonight at my friends ranch, she's going to be working her horse tonight.. so I figure I'll go hang out with her..
My cowboy is about to go see a man about a horse.. hahahah
seriously.. In North Carlina. 
Titan is battling a hip thing.. and Gracie is still gimping on that hamstring of hers.. so he's looking for his next competition horse.. and it might be this one he goes to look at..
We have been slammed at work today..  I had 13 patients before lunch break... and now lunch break is coming to a close, and it's going to get nuts again..
After I bathed Kismet I put her in the front yard.. and she was grazing over next to my fig tree that I planted this spring..  I really didn't expect it to have figs on it for a few years..
but, to my surprise I got a fig off of it last night.. Kismet and I shared it..  It was awesome..
Maybe next year I'll have enough to make fig jam and preserves!
I have to start training Kismet hard from now until August 11.  I am taking her to a schooling show and I want to be an amazing team with her.. so, I'm going to step up my training program.
Jay bird has turned into a little blue jay.. he loves fresh fruit and he has turned into a big boy, and I only have to feed him 2-3 times a day.. the rest of the day I make him eat wild bird food.  He's in a pretty darn big cage now.. and I think he's pretty happy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Home hunt course

Thanks you my wonderful father, who can build anything in the world :)
he made me 3 standards.. and I got the poles and put together this lattice work.  I still need to paint the standards and stuff.. but, It's in the making.. :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Lost in Wahalla

Well we went riding back into the mountains in Walhalla with a couple of our friends... and lets just say this..
We decided to ride the trail backwards.. so we started off towards Rocky Gap, then Crossed Adeline ford, stopped for lunch... and a little breather...
Lunch was awesome, I made Turkey and swiss sandwiches with sliced apples, russian dressing and pignoli seeds... nummy... and packed some snacks.. and the usual MRE, just in case of emergency.
then mounted back up and headed towards earl's ford... well.. I think we veered when we should have went straight.. because, all of a sudden.. well not all of a sudden.... but, like 3 hours into this I'm like.. "does any of this look familiar???".  My cowboy said... "nope.. not really but, we must be going in the right direction"
Hours later, after we rode through blackberry bushes, and I mean acres and acres of them, we found a sign.  The Sign Said Adeline Ford 20 miles <- , Earls ford /|\ 15 miles.......and a bunch of other ford's I have never heard of before..
like Goldmine ford and pigpen ford...
So our normal 10 mile trek through the woods.. turned into a 30 mile hike.. From South Carolina to Georgia and then back..
our poor horses were wore out.. we left at like 8:30-9am.. didn't make it back until dusk, we figured we must have rode for about 12 hours.  The last mile my poor girl Sioux stopped dead in her tracks and looked back towards me... I jumped off, and limped beside her for the last mile... I apologized to her profusely.. and gave her extra treats and water and hay when we got back.. the poor girl.
She is a trooper, and you can't ask for a more better horse than that..

Today, I went to Lowe's and got PVC pipe and all kinds of colored duct tape, so I can finish my jumps.. I also got some lattice work to make the lattice standard.. I need to build an aquaduct.. that darn thing sikes me out each time I jump it...

I'm also super excited that I dropped Wednesday Afternoons here at the Clinic.. I need some me time.. and that's that.. :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Poultry Conference

Friday after I got home from the clinic I packed my bags (since my cowboy was already packed up) changed my clothes and headed towards the door with my suitcase....
My cowboy started laughing at me... and I was like "what?"  he said.. "you do realize we are going to the most ritziest place in South Carolina..."  I kinda looked down. and I was wearing my travel pair of wranglers.. which means. not the nicest pair in the drawer, my everyday boots, a belt with big buckle and a john deere tank top...  I kinda looked back up and I said "do you want me to change?" my cowboy said no, and we headed out the door... 2 hours later we are in Hilton head...
Here is the jist of the story... Hilton Head Island is beautiful and that is a fact.. but, the People down there.. SUCK AT LIFE...
First off.. we roll up into the Sonesta Resort.. and when I say roll up.. we cleaned up and drove the corvette down there.. No bell boy to help me with my bags.. and no one to try to valet my car.. So we parked... then carried our own bags.. and once we got in the door, we passed a bell boy.. I said "NO it's ok.. I got my bags" and the foreigner looked at me like the mouse that just figured out the cobra was about to attack it and said "can I help".. yeah no dude.. you done missed your chance...
So the lady at the front desk was nice... from england or some crap...
we get on the elevator.. then go up to our floor.. we get off the elevator.. and I'm like.. holy crap... this reminds me of a cheap cruise ship.. Seriously...
Well we get into the room, which was nice.. but, there was no refrigerator....
So we start opening drawers and cabinets.. and Finally find the little empty box...  So it's locked and not turned on....  I go to dial the phone... the buttons don't work.. So I was all ready to go down to the front desk and raise some holy terror on them.. and my better half dialed zero.. So I ask about the fridge and the lady says, we can stock that one for you.. I said.. "no I just want to put some cheese in it", she says..  "well, I can have one delivered for 10 dollars a day".........(long silence moment)............................... after i collected my jaw off the ground I said "seriously?", she said "yes"... I said.. "yeah no thanks, that's highway robbery".  So I hung up the phone...  all I wanted to put in the darn thing was cheese and some ham... since we were going out on a fishing trip in the morning, and I was going to take sandwiches for us to eat..
Moving on to breakfast... it wasn't served until 7am... really?  So we ate oranges and bananas that I had brought with us...
We get to the dock and get on our boat... it sure was beautiful.. There was a storm moving in, and there was beautiful rainbows all around...
Well... My husband caught like 12 speckled trout and some sharks and crap.. and I caught.... a flounder.... A Flounder... he was pretty though... :)
seriously though, I love fishing. In fact it don't matter to me if I catch fish or not.. I just like being out on the boat.

When we got back My cowboy wanted to take a nap, So I decided to go marinate around the island...
here is what I found...
The place sucks, the businesses are not well marked.. everything is in a cove or resort.. and I was tailgated, cut off and told I was number one by the inhabitants of this high falutin' Island...

After I huffed and puffed about this place and got back to the resort..  My cowboy was ready for lunch...  so I handed him the keys and told him he was more than welcome to drive around this place.. So he did..
On our way out of the resort roundabout crazy road. .. we come to a golf cart cross road.. since we were in a golf resort and all... and for the record.. the Golf carts have the stop sign, not the cars... So this dude all but hit my darn corvette with the golf cart...then gave us a dirty look... I was appalled.. pissed off and offended.. all at the same time.. so once his caravan of golf-retards passed by and we were starting to drive off.. I rolled down the window and showed him he was NUMBER ONE!!!!! with some kind words of wisdom.. like Bless your heart.... after that fiasco we ate at a restaurant called the crazy crab.. it was awesome..
then we sat around that place for a while looking at the water and chit-chatting... and went back to get ready for our formal poultry dinner thing..
after we were all pressed and dressed We got down to the lobby a bit early, and decided to hang out in the bar at the hotel...  and people started piling in.. Well you know how in every place there's that one guy that is obnoxious?  well yeah.. he was there.. snapping his fingers in the air yelling at the bar tender.. and saying "did you not notice my drink was empty?!?!"  well, after I was thinking to myself.. "what a douche"... it was about time to mozey on over to the dinner..
We sit down with some people we know and all.. and the seat next to me was empty... and it was a pretty big round table, around a 10 seater... So I look at my salad.. that the lady put in front of me.. and I remember thinking "oh awesome bleu cheese"... then it hit me... there was a black hair in the salad..  I was immediately skeved out.. so.. My cowboy looks at me.. pulls the hair out and says "now it's as good as new".. I was like EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWEEEEE... so then I wound up switching my salad plate for the one next to me.. I mean no one was sitting there...  and enter in the poor soul that ate the salad with the hair in it.... the dude from the BAR.. the real arrogant one...
I saw him coming towards us and he sat down next to me.. and my eyes were wide open and I might have even dropped my jaw.. then I turned to Clint and I started laughing hysterically.. and he's kicking me under the table... oh man... You just can't make crap like this up.. ya know..
Well he starts complaining about the bleu cheese.. and I looked at him and said "at least there isn't hair in the salad........."  then I busted out laughing and I got kicked under the table... again.... hahaha..
Leaving Hilton Head Island
Then, the guy that was on the other side of mr. arrogance.. was messing with him.. and I heard the guy and decided to help him out a bit.. and I got kicked under the table a few good times for this.. but, my favorite story about him was... he told the fella next to him to stop egging me on... so I said.. what else would go on at a poultry convention...  The other dude and I laughed so hard that the mr. arrogant said "what is so funny"  and I said "that was just a 747 over your head" and laughed even harder...
But, the jist of my stay on hilton head island was this... and it is highly frowned upon to scream "four" at the golfers in the resort... the public bathing (swimming pool) people don't like my confederate flag swimming attire.. And most importantly I must be upper middle class white trash... therefore I belong in Savannah and Tybee Island... :)

When we got back Sunday I was in desperate need of canning some of the items I had picked from my garden..  So I pickled: Okra, Jalapenos and sweet banana peppers.  Made Zucchini relish and Zucchini bread.  Made Squash pickles as well as Zucchini pickles... and Canned some cherry tomatoes..

Monday, July 9, 2012

Birthday Weekend

This weekend was the anniversary weekend of My Cowboy and I meeting :)
And so we decided to go to the competition that we met at... and boy oh boy I WAS ON FIRE.... haha.. out of 95 people I was Ladies Reserve champion and won my class with a qualified win ..
I had a great time this weekend..
And My cowboy gave me a early Birthday/Anniversary present..  He bought me the  hunter/jumper horse I have been riding, Kismet.
I was so happy I started to cry.. she reminds me so much of my horse Romeo... I miss him dearly.. but, the way she rides.. is just like he used to do.. all chargey.. I love it..
My cowboy even told me he's never seen me this dedicated to riding before..  I just Love riding english.. it's so much more challenging than riding western..
Anyways..  tonight Is our 1 year anniversary, we are going to a fancy steakhouse in Greenville.  Then coming home to eat the top layer of our wedding cake..  And One more thing... The lady who owned Kismet is going to get me baby pictures of her!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jay bird

Jay has become quite the familiar friend to me..
He washed dishes with me, folds clothes.. and comes to work..
This weekend I messed everything up I think..
Well first off.. We were supposed to fly out Saturday Morning to go to Florida.. well then Friday night when I was trying to print out boarding passes.. and found out that the flight was on Friday.. well I royally screwed up..  so I called all the airlines and all the flights to florida were booked in the morning, and they wanted $1009.00 to change the ticket...
but, my cowboy found us a flight for 100 bucks a piece out of atlanta... so we left out around midnight headed towards atlanta.. got tired around a flying J truckstop.. so we stopped there.. and slept for a couple hours.. then headed on to the atlanta airport.. once we were inside.. I remembered why I hated atlanta.. and how much this country is going to hell in a hand basket...
My cowboy had to put his hat through the scanner.. and there was a asian persuasion man behind us.. and he was all in a tiff about getting his crap and he was trying to reach over the hat to get his crap.. well my cowboy said "if you mess my hat up we are going to have serious problems there little fella".. so I grabbed the hat.. and said.. ok let's go.. so we make it to our concourse.. after having to walk the whole friggen airport.. because apparently the subway system in the airport closes at  night...  well around 5am.. we started getting hungry.. and you can't just get a biscuit... it's a croissant and starbucks frappe, crappe, mocha what-the-heck-ever crappy coffee everywhere... but, we came across Chik-fil-a... a heavenly little spot.. where you can get a biscuit.. and some meat...
so there were 3 stewardesses in line.. so we stood behind them.. then this guy walks up.. one of those immediate dislikes walks up.. and he's like.. is this the line.. and my cowboy looked at him and said yeah.. then the dude is like.. "well shouldn't the line be closer to the register"  so my cowboy was like "if you were the first one here maybe you could have dictated where the line was"  so the dude shut up.. then he said "we should move closer"  I looked at him and said "well tell these ladies up here you don't like where they are standing"  I mean seriously what is this world coming to..
So then... they start taking orders for biscuits before the biscuits were ready.. and this guy says.. well what order are we going to get the biscuits in.. my cowboy looked at him and said "anyone who gets in front of me is going to get their ass beat"  the dude said "ok I'll be back here"
Once we finally got to the gunshine state of Florida.. we met our friend Eric whom picked us up and took us to the place where the motor home was...
well.. I walked in that Motorhome.. and I about come unglued when I started to see the CRAP that was wrong in there..  If my grandfather was still alive and there.. he would have punched that dude in the face.. I could have just seen it...  So I took it out on the guy.. and apparently I was on to his play on words.. because he said.. "i'm not playing any more word games with you" I said "you shouldn't have been playing game in the first place"  then he told me he only was going to speak with my grandmother... i told him yeah that's nice.. so you can screw over an old lady...
well that crap didn't go to well..  Wednesday we have to take the motorhome to camping world to get all the damages.. appraised...
So I've been pretty pissed off about that..
let's see what else..
I don't have enough time in the day...