Birthday Weekend

This weekend was the anniversary weekend of My Cowboy and I meeting :)
And so we decided to go to the competition that we met at... and boy oh boy I WAS ON FIRE.... haha.. out of 95 people I was Ladies Reserve champion and won my class with a qualified win ..
I had a great time this weekend..
And My cowboy gave me a early Birthday/Anniversary present..  He bought me the  hunter/jumper horse I have been riding, Kismet.
I was so happy I started to cry.. she reminds me so much of my horse Romeo... I miss him dearly.. but, the way she rides.. is just like he used to do.. all chargey.. I love it..
My cowboy even told me he's never seen me this dedicated to riding before..  I just Love riding english.. it's so much more challenging than riding western..
Anyways..  tonight Is our 1 year anniversary, we are going to a fancy steakhouse in Greenville.  Then coming home to eat the top layer of our wedding cake..  And One more thing... The lady who owned Kismet is going to get me baby pictures of her!


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