Lost in Wahalla

Well we went riding back into the mountains in Walhalla with a couple of our friends... and lets just say this..
We decided to ride the trail backwards.. so we started off towards Rocky Gap, then Crossed Adeline ford, stopped for lunch... and a little breather...
Lunch was awesome, I made Turkey and swiss sandwiches with sliced apples, russian dressing and pignoli seeds... nummy... and packed some snacks.. and the usual MRE, just in case of emergency.
then mounted back up and headed towards earl's ford... well.. I think we veered when we should have went straight.. because, all of a sudden.. well not all of a sudden.... but, like 3 hours into this I'm like.. "does any of this look familiar???".  My cowboy said... "nope.. not really but, we must be going in the right direction"
Hours later, after we rode through blackberry bushes, and I mean acres and acres of them, we found a sign.  The Sign Said Adeline Ford 20 miles <- , Earls ford /|\ 15 miles.......and a bunch of other ford's I have never heard of before..
like Goldmine ford and pigpen ford...
So our normal 10 mile trek through the woods.. turned into a 30 mile hike.. From South Carolina to Georgia and then back..
our poor horses were wore out.. we left at like 8:30-9am.. didn't make it back until dusk, we figured we must have rode for about 12 hours.  The last mile my poor girl Sioux stopped dead in her tracks and looked back towards me... I jumped off, and limped beside her for the last mile... I apologized to her profusely.. and gave her extra treats and water and hay when we got back.. the poor girl.
She is a trooper, and you can't ask for a more better horse than that..

Today, I went to Lowe's and got PVC pipe and all kinds of colored duct tape, so I can finish my jumps.. I also got some lattice work to make the lattice standard.. I need to build an aquaduct.. that darn thing sikes me out each time I jump it...

I'm also super excited that I dropped Wednesday Afternoons here at the Clinic.. I need some me time.. and that's that.. :)


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