Shop Smart.

I went grocery shopping yesterday..
I saved $42.80..  I'd call that smart shopping :)
And I have enough food for like 3 weeks.. 
Us country people can survive..

Well I started off my new hours at the clinic on Wednesday and after 12 I was done for the day :)
So I went shopping then came home and decided to piddle around the house and do some other crap that needed to be done.. like..  Give Kismet a Bath..
I washed and conditioned her braided her tail, and got to looking at her mane... it's a mess... I need to pull it.. and start showing her..  We made a lot of progress with her last night at my lesson, she was bending and flexing and got nice and soft..
I'm going to ride her again tonight at my friends ranch, she's going to be working her horse tonight.. so I figure I'll go hang out with her..
My cowboy is about to go see a man about a horse.. hahahah
seriously.. In North Carlina. 
Titan is battling a hip thing.. and Gracie is still gimping on that hamstring of hers.. so he's looking for his next competition horse.. and it might be this one he goes to look at..
We have been slammed at work today..  I had 13 patients before lunch break... and now lunch break is coming to a close, and it's going to get nuts again..
After I bathed Kismet I put her in the front yard.. and she was grazing over next to my fig tree that I planted this spring..  I really didn't expect it to have figs on it for a few years..
but, to my surprise I got a fig off of it last night.. Kismet and I shared it..  It was awesome..
Maybe next year I'll have enough to make fig jam and preserves!
I have to start training Kismet hard from now until August 11.  I am taking her to a schooling show and I want to be an amazing team with her.. so, I'm going to step up my training program.
Jay bird has turned into a little blue jay.. he loves fresh fruit and he has turned into a big boy, and I only have to feed him 2-3 times a day.. the rest of the day I make him eat wild bird food.  He's in a pretty darn big cage now.. and I think he's pretty happy.


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