Wonderful Weekend at Home

 My Cowboy calls this place "the zoo" and yes, We have chickens running around the yard and a free range pig.. haha..
but, I love our zoo.

Anyways.. we were supposed to go to North Carolina for a competition, but we had  bunch of junk come up and decided not to go..

Good thing, though, because we started to build out a pole barn and turn it into a horse barn.

we had a couple of hired hands come over and help us get things started.

we worked on that all day, Sunday.  Tonight we are going to put up the rest of the stall walls, and build the stall doors.  I'm excited.. I LOVE barns :)

Not a lot happened this weekend but I took a few pictures..

Some of the horses checking out our work.. making sure it's ok.
Zeus jumping up on the bed in the morning to wish me a good morning and get in his morning cuddle session

Dinner....  Shrimp, hot italian sausage and a gumbo mixture

Jay Bird, flying around the house like a nut, his usual morning habit

Maya the Farm Dog, She loves her tractor time

I caught Hammy Sleeping on the job...

I just thought this was a pretty picture..

One of our hired hands puppy.  She was adorable.. and apparently liked being a farm dog..


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