Thursday, August 30, 2012

Who Stole My Provolone?

Sometimes, I have flashbacks of my childhood and all these old Italian classic songs.. especially Lou Monte... So I bought some Provolone cheese at the grocery store... and thought of this song "I went to work this mornin, down at the grocery store, I got a funny feeling as I walked through that door.  oh how I started shaking, for when I took a look, what hung down from the ceiling, was missing from that hook. oh who stole my provolone, whose got my great big cheese.." hahah
Anyways.. Tuesday night I decided to make yet a Different kind of meatloaf.
Here is what I did..

19 oz of Italian Sausage
1 lb of ground beef
3/4 cup chili sauce
1/4 cup water
3/4 cup rolled oats
1 egg
1 tbsp hot mexican chili powder
1 red bell pepper
1 cup corn
fresh baby spinach
and Provolone Cheese

I put half of the meatloaf mixture in the pan, then put provolone cheese and spinach on top.. then put the rest of the meatloaf in the pan.. and baked that joker for about an hour on 350..

So that was reallllly good.. right? So last night I decided to have it for left overs.. and after I had just finished telling my parents how wonderful it was, and they were over for supper...  I heat up the meaty goodness.. and head towards the table... and right through my fingers it slipped... and fell and there was meatloaf all over the floor... I was shocked... stunned.... disappointed even....
I had been looking forward to that stupid meatloaf all day... and there it was.. plastered all over the floor...  so we all went out to eat.... and I had wings.. and they sucked.. I'm about to the point where I will just stop eating hot wings altogether because they just suck now-a-days anyway can't find any that are good... at all.....

Maya thinking she's the queen of the house.

Jay Bird still washing dishes with me

Bought these two birds to decorate for fall with

My jalapeno omelet from Tuesday Morning :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Mini Doughnuts

A few weeks back I found a mini dounut maker at wal-mart.. and I thought to myself.. hmmm you should get that.. then I walked by it like 8 times and decided against it...
well.... When I went back it was no where to be found..
So I got on Amazon (my favorite shopping place ever) and found me a powder puff blue one.. and I'm an Amazon prime member.. so Free shipping.. which equals SCORE!..
the next day I had the little maker in my soon to be sticky fingers..

My cowboy kinda looked at me funny.. but, I assured him that happiness is a new kitchen gadget.. haha

So If you buy one, which I think they are awesome.. but i made some healthy crap.. so try this recipe for 28 donuts: 1 cup whole-wheat flour, 3 tsp baking powder, 1 egg, 1/2 cup milk, 1/4 cup pure maple syrup, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla, 4 tablespoons oil.  bake for 6 minutes.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend not as planned

This weekend, we were supposed to be at the Virginia State Championships. But, as it seems, My cowboy got caught up at work late on Friday, and we were just going to leave out early in the morning.. but, wound up staying home :)  I can't say I was too bad disappointed..

Friday after work I wound up having the Farrier look at Maggie's Feet...  She had been limping and not running and riding like a plow horse.. So I was a bit worried about her..
and here is what he found..
her darn hoof wall was separating from the sole of her hoof and all.. so. big girl got her first pair of shoes...
and I put her in the front yard.. so she could mow the grass while I'm making sure she is ok..
I also have put her on supplements for her joints and this magical supplement called Mare Magic.. because she has a maretude. and this is like midol for horses :)

This weekend is Tennessee State championships.. I can't wait for it... big arena.. lots of people.. high stress situation..
I love it!!

Maggie Getting her Shoes

Not too much went on this weekend.. My mom and I went shopping..  and brace yourself... I bought a pair of high heels.. yes I said it...  I'm going to buy a dress to match them for the Marine Corps Ball!  It's going to be awesome...

I did manage to make Mini doughnuts, an apple pie and a pork roast...
then biscuits for breakfast..  We managed to throw down in the eating department this weekend..

Oh, I broke out with a rash.. and come to find out.. it's Poison Oak.  I'm not allergic to Poison Ivy.. but, apparently Oak is bad news for me..  Zeus jumped into the bed with me and loved all over me around my neck and shoulder.. and viola! I have it behind both ears and on my shoulder..  Kinda. sucks..
what was left of the apple pie

Zeus pretending he's not on the bed this morning

Dominick the Rooster

Monday, August 13, 2012

There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse.

Another wonderful horse show weekend :)
Kismet and I, got Reserve in the hunter 2' class.  we were like 3rd on the first course, 2nd on the 2nd course and 2nd in the flat class.  Which is awesome because, last time we did the flat class we were dead last. 
All this hard work of slow trotting is paying off :)
But, I can't wait to start jumping her higher.
I think at 2'3" she is just getting started. And a previous rider of hers said that she's a lot smoother over 3 foot... So I'm stoked..
I was proud of my mare.. and I think we looked pretty good together.. except for the fact that I don't look like I did when I was 16 in these breeches..  I think a diet is in my immediate future... Like starting today.. hahaha..

My favorite pic

She loves her job.

She's ready to jump higher..

Our reserve ribbon :)
I might start doing show jumping as well as the hunter thing... This mare turns on a dime and she's fast.. so I'm thinking she might tare it up out there...  But, Who knows :)

I like the English shows because they are one day events.. and you can go home..  which we did.. So Sunday we cleaned out the new trailer we bought.. its used, but new to us.. and got it for a great deal.. we washed it, cleaned it out and got it looking almost brand new.  I like it.. It's just a little pull behind, but its a 3 horse slant with a huge storage space in front, tack room in back and a hay rack.. I think the hay rack sold me on it.. lol.. 
Anyways.. that's about all on this home front..

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be

I've been busy... Really busy... but, Here is what happened...
Last wednesday I went to go get my hair cut.. for the first time in about a year.  Well, ask me how that went?
Not so good.
As pictured to the left, LOOK HOW SHORT MY HAIR IS.  HOLY CRAP.  I went into the salon and said. "please trim off the dead ends, maybe do some long layers and feather it around my face".  Oh yeah.. she did alright.  You know how that crap is, they start cutting your hair while you can't see what they are doing...........
I told her keep it as long as you can, I want my long hair.
she spins me around so I can watch the tv, while she is cutting away..  it happened to be water polo olympics.. which is fine.. I really actually enjoy watching the olympics, well some of the crap they have on there..
so moving along..  she says "ok I'm done" and starts spinning me around. I look down and all I saw was Hair.. a big ole mound of hair... I must have turned white in the face because she asked me what was wrong.. I said "oh my god how much did you cut off?!?"  she told me that I should probably cut my hair regularly, since it has been over a year... and the moral of the story is.. she cut off like 4-6 inches....:::deep sigh:::
But, on the other hand... My cowboy loves my hair.. and that's a good thing :)

We managed to get the barn about 75% finished..
Maggie Mae getting fat and happy

We also went to a competition in Georgia.. this past weekend..
The bruise on my leg from hitting the saddle horn
I was doing great, and on the second stage, Maggie got a stone bruise or something and she was limping..  Well I opted not to ride her... I figured that was a darn good idea..  So I borrowed Lebo (the Roany pony we sold to a good friend of ours).  Then I rode this other horse that I had never rode before... and My cowboy is thinking about buying him.. So I decided ok.. I'll do it.. I'll check  him out..  Well.. we go flying past the timer line.. balls to the wall... and I go to turn.. and he didn't turn.. so I was spurring him with the inside leg... nothing... so I lean to the right and spur him with the outside leg... and I managed to turn him right into the target.. and the joker jumped it.. and I rolled right off the side..  I didn't hit the ground hard but, I fell underneath the horse.. and he didn't step on me.. but, from what a spectator came up and told me he "did everything in his power not to step on me".  And When I got up, Bekkah and Sam were running for me..  I looked at that horse and shook my finger at him and I said.. "SERIOUSLY?!?!  REALLY????  You're in trouble" and the horse started running from me.. and Sam said he saw a gleam in my eye and he figured I was going to shoot someone or the horse.. so he headed back for the other side of the arena.. hahahah
Maggie Getting it on her mind.
he is a good horse, and he's only been shooting 2 weeks.  He's a roping horse with 10 AQHA Points and a ROM on him.. so I have respect for a horse that #1 doesn't step on you and #2 makes sure you are ok.  And he did that..   Maggie and I had some bad train wrecks when we were starting out..  It's a learning curve.. and I shouldn't have been running that fast on a horse I didn't know if he turned or not...  Go big or go home :)
Sunday was a better day.. Maggie was back to being herself.. and I was happy to be back on my girl.
Now Maggie always watches the other horses running the stage before we go out there.. and If i see someone mess up, I usually tell her..  "that's not the way to do it big girl".. and I swear that she knows what she is doing.. because sometimes she takes me a better way then what I figured was the right way.. haha..
Maggie and I are just a perfect match.  I wouldn't enjoy shooting at all if it wasn't for Maggie....

Now, I have a hunter show this weekend.. and I am supposed to be training all weekend long.. but, it seems that we are going to have thunderstorms all week, which sucks..  and once this hunter show is over.. It's time to hit the training hard for Maggie, because we have the Eastern championships coming up.. and I'd like to place well, well as in 'in the money'. Ya know what I mean? Well.. I'm going to get this day rolling..
Zeus happy to be in the bed in the morning
Pot of Chili I made the other night

Here is Maggie and I Sunday

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The barn

Gracie checking out the stall.
The Barn is coming together nicely.
We just have a few more stall doors to make, and then put up some wroth iron. Then we are going to start on the other side, which will include a tack/feed room.
But, This is an awesome start so far.

Last night I took Kismet out for a spin,  She is really seriously starting to feel like a hunter horse..  her head is starting to drop, and her trot is slowing down.  I figured out last night that you have to ride her out a bit, before she calms down.  It's about 10 minutes and she gets soft and puts her head down.  I was also checking out her butt.  She is starting to get a nice round but, with cut muscles.  She's starting to look awesome :)  Then last night, after having an awesome riding session with Kismet.  I come into the house, at about dusk, and my Cowboy is in there making us supper...  which consisted of his famous omelets and sausage!!  So we had breakfast for dinner.  I love when we do that :)