There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse.

Another wonderful horse show weekend :)
Kismet and I, got Reserve in the hunter 2' class.  we were like 3rd on the first course, 2nd on the 2nd course and 2nd in the flat class.  Which is awesome because, last time we did the flat class we were dead last. 
All this hard work of slow trotting is paying off :)
But, I can't wait to start jumping her higher.
I think at 2'3" she is just getting started. And a previous rider of hers said that she's a lot smoother over 3 foot... So I'm stoked..
I was proud of my mare.. and I think we looked pretty good together.. except for the fact that I don't look like I did when I was 16 in these breeches..  I think a diet is in my immediate future... Like starting today.. hahaha..

My favorite pic

She loves her job.

She's ready to jump higher..

Our reserve ribbon :)
I might start doing show jumping as well as the hunter thing... This mare turns on a dime and she's fast.. so I'm thinking she might tare it up out there...  But, Who knows :)

I like the English shows because they are one day events.. and you can go home..  which we did.. So Sunday we cleaned out the new trailer we bought.. its used, but new to us.. and got it for a great deal.. we washed it, cleaned it out and got it looking almost brand new.  I like it.. It's just a little pull behind, but its a 3 horse slant with a huge storage space in front, tack room in back and a hay rack.. I think the hay rack sold me on it.. lol.. 
Anyways.. that's about all on this home front..


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